Table of contents for Doctor in Vanuatu / Ted Freeman.

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1.   Memories rekindled                                    1
Return to Vanuatu; 50th Anniversary Celebrations for the
Church; Visiting Old Haunts; Remembering the Beginning
2.   Something less than paradise                          9
Arrival in 'Paradise'; Tango Training Institute; Common
Medical Problems of Vanuatu and the Pacific in the 60s
3.   Arrival at Paton Memorial Hospital                   19
Dr Ron Ramm and Dr KnoxJamieson; Sister Elspeth Edgar;
Settling in - new tasks, more new faces and new traditions
4.   Early days at Paton Memorial Hospital                27
"The establishment and facilities of PMH; Anaesthetic
practices; A memorable emergency before my return to
5.   The family arrives in Vila                           33
Short-term work and a new daughter; A special ceremony and
a new anaesthetic machine; To Vila via Noumea; Welcome to
Iririki; The basics - obtaining, keeping and preparing food;
Dr Malkau Kalsakau; The big race
6.   Early challenges                                     45
Schooling for the boys; Codes of conduct; Sport as a
contraceptive!; Coping with medical challenges; Visit to
7    A brutal history                                      55
The sorry practice of'blackbirding'; The role ofJohn Paton in
stopping the slave trade
8    The challenges continue but the facilities improve    59
Diagnosing in Bislama; Patients and staff from all over; The
beginning of a blood bank; The blood bank saves (more) lives;
More help from the Red Cross
9    Travel and customs - the outer islands                73
Pre-WWII boats; WWII planes; Post-WWII sea travel;
An orientation tour of the outer islands; Tongoa, Epi and
Lamenu Islands; Paama and Malekula Islands; Ambrym,
Ambae and Pentecost Islands; Godden Memorial Hospital,
the Boyd Memorial Clinic and the Rev. Ian Taylor; Return
to Vila
10   The ravages of tuberculosis and we go to Ambrym       91
Treating tuberculosis; Another doctor - Dr Tuka Mua; The
family goes to Ambyrm; Life on Ambrym; Visiting a 'bushie'
11   International relations, women's business            103
and Christmas
The Russians arrive; Women's business; A visit from the
House of Commons; Christmas festivities at PMH
12   Clinical work continues                              117
Medical emergencies; Retreat to Onesua; The dangers of
childbirth; Birth control; Sharing the load; More medical
13   A visit from the navy and more obstetric problems 129
The navy hits town; On-board medical facilities; Difficult
14    Graduation 1966                                     135
Graduation ceremonies; An 'Aussie' moment; Broken bones,
liver failure, asthma and appendiceal abscesses; Over-
crowding at PMH; Furlough
15   Return to Vila                                       145
Back to PMH and into work; A welcome dentist; A
memorable operation; Work on the outer islands
16   A splendid offer                                     153
Bluebird II, Dorothy takes a paid job; Malaria strikes; A new
hospital, a splendid offer and a study grant; An emotional
17    Success in Scotland, return to PMH and              161
an unwanted end
A Fellow of the Royal College; A fearful flight; Home to
PMH; Felled by fever; Evacuation to Sydney; Lessons and a
new direction
Epilogue by Dr David Bannister                            173

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