Table of contents for China business culture : strategies for success / Yuan Wang, Xin Sheng Zhang, Rob Goodfellow.

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Chapter 1:   China's International Trade History          1
The Silk Road and Ocean Adventures
Gun Boat Diplomacy
The 'Cold War'
The Miracle of Economic Development
The Open Door
Foreign Investment
Economic Miracle
China in the Twenty-First Century
A Real Market
The World Trade Organization Effect
Chapter 2:   Traditional Chinese Business Values          19
Confucian Predominance
The Many Faces Of TFace'
Pragmatism: Human Nature the Supernatural
High Uncertainty Avoidance
Ancient Business Values
Valuing Agriculture and Belittling Commerce
Business: Crafty and Unscrupulous
Limiting the Pursuit of Personal Wealth
Chapter 3:   The Revolution in Chinese Business          39
'Business Fever'
"Being rich is Glorious'
The Importance of Friendship
The 'Seamless-ness' ofBusiness and Officialdom
Good Fortune in Business
Stratagems in Business
Chapter 4:   Chinese Negotiating Style                   59
The Rules of Negotiation
The Initial Stage: Roles and Relationships
The Middle Stage: Patience and Compromise
The Final Stage: Win-win Ending and
Termination with Openness
The Role Of Banquets
Banquets during Negotiations
The Time, Place and Means ofBanqueting
Chinese Negotiating Tactics
Chapter5:    Joint Ventures                              91
Finding a Good Partner
State-Owned Chinese Corporations
Privately-Owned Corporations
Collective - Owned Enterprises
International Joint Ventures
Initiating Joint Venture Co-operation
Choosing the Right Chinese Employees
Ongoing Management
Chapter 6:    Using Networks                             141
A Dynamic Interpersonal Network
Amicable Relationships with Officials
The Role of the Chinese Government
Anti-Corruption Skills
Chapter 7:   The Chinese Market and
Consumer Psychology                        175
Consumer Behaviour
Demographic Segmentation
Socio-economic Segmentation
Organisational Segmentation
Geographic Segmentation
The Psychology of Chinese Consumers
Saving Prior to Consuming
Vying for Purchasing
Relationship Driven Purchasing
Flaunting Consuming
Chapter 8:    Effective Marketing                        201
Market Research
Knowing the Market
Organizing Market Research
Sales Promotion
Public Relations
Current Obstacles
Marketing Channels
Chapter 9:    How to Thrive in Business                 239
Patience - Psychological Preparation
Power - Financial Strength
Predisposition - Developing Relationships
Personnel - Recruiting the Right people
Protection - Legal Security
Perspective - Cultural Sensitivity
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About the Authors                                           267
Index                                                      269

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