Table of contents for The Edinburgh history of the book in Scotland.

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Introduction                                              1
Chapter One  The Organisation of the Trade
Papermaking                John Morris              17
Typefounding               John Morris              26
Printing                   Trevor Howard-Hill       32
Illustration               John Scally              49
Binding                    John Morris              64
Chapter Two  Publishing
Publishing 1800-30         Peter Garside            79
1825-6: Years of Crisis?   Simon Eliot              91
Publishing 1830-80         David Finkelstein        96
Gaelic Printing and Publishing Donald E. Meek      107
Chapter Three Distribution and Reading
Bookselling                lain Beavan             123
The Railways               Stephen Colclough        141
Gaelic Communities and
the Use of Texts        Donald E. Meek          153
Reading                    Jonathan Rose           173
Libraries                  John Crawford           189
Chapter Four Literature in the Marketplace
The Rise of the Scottish
Literary Market         Peter Garside           203
Authorship: Six Case Studies
Walter Scott and the
Management of Copyright Jane Millgate         212
Waverley and the National
Fiction Revolution    Peter Garside           222
John MacLean, the Gaelic  Donald E. Meek
Bard                    and Rob Dunbar        232
Thomas Carlyle and the
Lure of London        Ian Campbell            240
Margaret Oliphant and the
Profession of Writing  Zsuzsanna Varga        247
Robert Louis Stevenson
and the Pursuit of Fame  Jenni Calder         256
The Making of a Scottish
Literary Canon          Cairns Craig            266
Chapter Five  The Diversity ofPrint
Antiquarianism             Padmini Ray Murray      278
Religion                   Padmini Ray Murray      287
Science                   Aileen Fyfe             296
Reference                  Padmini Ray Murray     304
Maps                       Diana Webster           313
Education                  Padmini Ray Murray     324
Printing for Everyday Life  Gen Harrison          333
Chapter Six  Periodicals and Newspapers
The Age of the Periodical  Bill Bell              340
Reviews and Monthlies      Joanne Shattock        343
The Popular 'Weeklies'     Laurel Brake            358
Newspapers                 Padmini Ray Murray     370
Chapter Seven Greater Britain and Ireland
Agencies and Joint Ventures  RossAlloway          385
The London Scots          Robin Myers             396
Wales                     Philip Henry Jones     408
Ireland                   Charles Benson          418
Chapter Eight Bookseller to the World
Continental Europe        Sharon Brown and
Barbara Schaff       430
North America             Fiona Black            442
India                     Graham Shaw            455
The Pacific               Wallace Kirsop          465
Appendix A: Personnel in the Print
and Allied Trades  Ross Alloway            476
Appendix B: Statistical Evidence
for the 1825-6 Crisis  Simon Eliot         486
Contributors                                          494
Bibliography                                          499
Index                                                 525

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