Table of contents for Empire, colony, genocide : conquest, occupation, and subaltern resistance in world history / edited by A. Dirk Moses.

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Chapter I
Empire, Colony, Genocide: Keywords and the Philosophy
of I listorv                                             3
A. Dirk Moses
Chapte; 2
Anticolonialism in Western Political Thought: The Colonial
Origins of the Coticept of Genocide                     55
Andrew Fitzmaurice
Chapter 3
Are Settler-(Colonies Inherently Genocidal? Re-reading Lemkin  81
John Docker
Chapter 4
Structure and Event: Settler Colonialism, Time, and the
Question of Genocide                                   102
Patrick WXolfe
Chapter 5
"Crime Without a Name": Colonialism and the Case
for " lldigenocide"                                    133
Raymond Evans
Chapter o
Colonialism and Geniiocides: Notes for the Analysis of the
Settler Archie                                        148
Lorenzo \eracini
Chapter 7
Biopower and Modern Genocide                             162
Dan Stone
Section II: Empire, Colonization, and Genocide
Chapter 8
Empires, Native Peoples, and Genocide                    183
Mark Levene
Chapter 9
Serial Colonialism and Genocide in Nineteenth-Century
Cambodia                                              205
Ben Kiernan
Chapter 10
Genocide in Tasmania: The History of an Idea            229
Ann Curthoys
Chapter 11
"The aborigines ... were never annihilated, and still they
are becoming extinct": Settler Imperialism and Genocide in
Nineteenth-century America and Australia              253
Norbert Finzsch
Chapter 12
Navigating the Cultural Encounter: Blackfoot Religious
Resistance in Canada (c. 1870-1930)                   271
Blanca Tovias
Chapter 13
From Conquest to Genocide: Colonial Rule in German
Southwest Africa and German East Africa               296
Dominik J. Schaller
Chapter 14
Internal Colonization, Inter-imperial Conflict and the
Armenian Genocide                                     325
Donald Bloxham
Chapter 15
Genocidal Impulses and Fantasies in Imperial Russia      343
Robert Geraci

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