Table of contents for Feynman and computation : exploring the limits of computers / edited by Anthony J.G. Hey.

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Anthony J.G. Hey
1: Feynman's Course on Computation
1: Feynman and Computation                                    3
John J. Hopfield
2: Neural Networks and Physical Systems with Emergent Collective
Computational Abilities                                    7
John J. Hopfield
3: Feynman as a Colleague                                    21
Carver A. Mead
4: Collective Electrodynamics 1                              29
Carver A. Mead
5: A Memory                                                  45
Gerald Jay Sussman
6: Numercial Evidence that the Motion of Pluto is Chaotic    47
Gerald Jay Sussman and Jack Wisdom
II: Reducing the Size
7: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom                      63
Richard P. Feynman
8: Information is Inevitably Physical                        77
Rolf Landauer
9: Scaling of MOS Technology to Submicrometer Feature Sizes  93
Carver A. Mead
10: Richard Feynman and Cellular Vacuum                     117
Marvin Minsky
III: Quantum Limits
11: Simulating Physics with Computers                       133
Richard P. Feynman
12: Quantum Robots                                          155
Paul Benioff
13: Quantum Information Theory                              177-
Charles H. Bennett
14: Quantum Computation                                     191
Richard J. Hughes
IV: Parallel Computation
15: Computing Machines in the Future                                225
Richard P. Feynman
16: Internetics: Technologies, Applications and Academic Fields     241
Geoffrey C. Fox
17: Richard Feynman and the Connection Machine                      257
W. Daniel Hillis
18: Crystalline Computation                                         267
Norman H. Margolus
V: Fundamentals
19: Information, Physics, Quantum: The Search for Links             309
John Archibald Wheeler
20: Feynman, Barton and the Reversible Schr6dinger Difference Equation  337
Ed Fredkin
21: Action, or the Fungibility of Computation                       349
Tommaso Toffoli
22: Algorithmic Randomness, Physical Entropy, Measurements, and the
Demon of Choice                                                 393
Wojciech Zurek

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