Table of contents for Wernher von Braun : rocket visionary / Ray Spangenburg and Diane Kit Moser.

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Runaway Rockets, Stars, and Space             1
Early Musical Talent                          1
1920s Berlin                                  2
Wellspring of Science                         4
Beyond Earth's Atmosphere                    9
Rocket Weapons in Eighteenth-Century Warfare  10
How Do Rockets Work?                         11
Rockets That Reach Out to Space              13
Robert Goddard: Pioneer Rocketeer            14
Hermann Oberth                               15
"3  "Help Create the Spaceship!"                17
Cutting-Edge Amateur Rocketry                18
Willy Ley (1906-1969): The VfR Voice         19
Space Travel at the Movies                   21
The VfR Keeps Advancing                      24
Experiments: Can Humans Survive Space Travel?  25
t   Rocket Engineer for the German Army         29
Dornberger's Agenda                          30
Spotty Results, Stellar Know-how             31
Opportunity Knocks                           33
Building and Testing Real Rockets            34
Growth of Nazi Power                           39
Airplanes Powered by Rockets                   40
)   Grazing the Edges of Space                    43
The Case for Peenemiinde                       45
A-3: High Hopes Frustrated                     47
A-4: Even Higher                               48
Hitler Visits                                  52
Adolf Hitler: Monster Unleashed                52
A "Secret Weapon" for War                      54
)  PeenemOnde's Last Days                        59
Night of Fire                                  60
Setbacks for the A-4 Rocket                    62
Production and Secrecy Mount                   64
Horrors at Mittelwerke Factory                 65
Dreaded Knock in the Night                     67
Bigger and Better Rockets                      69
Von Braun's Conscience                         70
Operation Paperclip                           73
Darkening Dangers from Within                  74
Chess Game with Fate                           75
Seeking Capture                                78
Initiating "Paperclip"                         79
Walter Dornberger's Deal                       80
V-2s in the United States                     81
The Rocket Team Arrives                        83
Family Roots                                   85
Paperclip: Wise or Unwise?                     86
Building V-2s in White Sands                   88
Passports to the Future                        90
)   Prophet of the Space Age                      93
Raising Public Interest: Collier's Magazine    95
Enter Walt Disney                          97
I Aim at the Stars                         98
Huntsville Becomes Rocket City           101
Sputnik: The Space Race Is On             101
Waiting on the Back Burner                102
At Home in Alabama                        103
"The Team" at Work                        103
Vanguard's Day                            105
The Team's Success                        107
Ii1   Sputnik and the Spotlight on Space       109
The Next Move                             110
Going to the Moon                         110
t 2 Success: Saturn Soars and the Eagle Lands 115
The Job: Design, Build, Test              115
Saturn: Rocket Giant                      118
Redundancy: Making Sure                   120
Going to the Moon: The Reality, Apollo 11  121
13     Next Stop, Mars?                         125
Washington, D.C.: A Cool Welcome          126
Voyage to Mars: Unfulfilled Vision        127
Paine: An Ally Lost                       128
Final Days: Spirited to the Last          130
1t4   Wernher von Braun's Gift                 133
Conclusion: Weighing Human Tragedy       137
Chronology                                141

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