Table of contents for Heroes in a global world / edited by Susan J. Drucker, Gary Gumpert.

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1 The Global Communication Environment of Heroes 1
Susan Drucker & Gary Gumpert
Part I--Heroes in a World of Global Connection
2 Heroes and/as Communication                                 19
Lance Strate
3 Global Identification with Celebrity Heroes                 45
William J. Brown & Benson P. Fraser
4 U.S. and European Heroism Compared                          67
John Dean
5 From Distant Heroes to Intimate Friends:
Media and the Metamorphosis of Affection for Public Figures  99
Joshua Meyrowitz
6 The Wrinkle Theory: The Deconsecration of the Hero         129
Gary Gumpert
Part II--Heroes and September 11
7 The Two Faces of Osama bin Laden: Mass Media               151
Representations as a Force for Evil and Arabic Hero
Mahmoud Eid
8 Female "Heroes" at Ground Zero: Verbal and                 185
Visual Accounts Reconceptualize the "Heroic"
Valerie Smith
9 Heroes in a Global World: An Examination of Traditional    205
Folkloric and Mythic Formulae for Heroes
and Contemporary Iterations
Susan Duffy
10 A Return of the "Real?" Discussions with Children         221
Ages 5 to 13 about the Contemporary Hero
Cheryl Harris & Alison Alexander
Part Ill-Case Studies
11 Defining the Heroic in a Context of Arab-Islamic Values:  243
A Case Study of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan
of the UAE
Susan Swan & Timothy Walters
12 Orality versus Monotheism or Media versus Narratives:     283
Biblical Heroes and the Media Environment
of the Spoken Word
Eva Berger
13 Menachem Begin: A Hero's Guiding Vision                   309
Sondra M. Rubenstein & Adam Ehrlich
14 Hero or Villain, but Always a Celebrity: John Paul II     337
Maria Way
15 Gods in All Things: Media, Culture, and Cycles           357
of Heroic Construction in Japan
Todd Holden
16 Shrek as a Test of the Universality of the Hero's Quest  393
Steven C. Combs
17 The Mediated Sports Hero                                 415
Susan J. Drucker
Part IV-The Business of Heroes
18 From Hero to Celebrity: The Political Economy of Stardom  435
Philip Drake
19 Celebrity Law                                            455
Susan Drucker
Author Index                                                 477
Subject Index                                                485

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