Table of contents for From Qajar to Pahlavi : Iran, 1919-1930 / Mohammad Gholi Majd.

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I. Introduction and Overview                               1
2. The Anglo-Persian Convention                           13
3. Resignation and Flight of Vossough-ed-Dowleh          49
4. Prelude to Coup d'Etat: Cabinets
of Moshir-ed-Dowleh and Sepahdar                      69
5. Coup d'Etat and Onset of Military Dictatorship         95
6. Kaleidoscopic Ministries and the
Strengthening of Dictatorship, 1921-1923             121
7. The "Republican Movement" and the Imbrie Murder       159
8. The "Liberation" of Arabistan                         193
9. The Regency Affair                                    217
10. Abolition of Qajar Monarchy
and the Advent of Reza Shah Pahlavi                  231
11. A Shaky Throne: Corruption,
Mutiny, Rebellion and Assassination Plot             265
12. An Oppressive Dictatorship,
1926-1928: Rising Unpopularity of Reza Shah          299
13. Waging War on the Shia Clergy                       345
14. Waging War on the Tribes                            381
15. An Expanded Reign of Terror                         413
INDEX                                                    435

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