Table of contents for Race and the construction of the dispensable other / Bernard M. Magubane.

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Some Methodological and Theoretical Issues                            1
A note on methodology and terminology                             3
The subject of this book                                          8
The scope and purpose of this study                               14
Racism in the West: An overview                                  19
CHAPTER 2                                                           29
The Foundations of Racism                                            29
CHAPTER 3                                                           50
Europe and its Others                                               50
CHAPTER 4                                                           69
'From "Orang-Outangs"to Pumpkin Eaters': The Case of Edward Long    69
Long's history of Jamaica                                        72
CHAPTER 5                                                           83
Race, the Second British Empire and the Role of the Evangelicals     83
Carrying the banner of the 2nd British Empire: David Livingstone  98
CHAPTER 6                                                          103
Robert Knox: The Races of Men                                       103
CHAPTER 7                                                             124
Race as Destiny: The Politics of Dr James Hunt and The Anthropological
Society of London (1863 to 1870)                                       124
CHAPTER 8                                                             143
Eugenics and the Doctrine of Class and Racial Supremacy: The Case of
Francis Galton and Karl Pearson                                        143
CHAPTER 9                                                             162
Race as an Imperial Weapon: Convicts and the Extinction of Tasmanians  162
Anthropologists and the extinction of the Tasmanians                169
CHAPTER 10                                                            178
The Political Economy of Scientific Racism in South Africa             178
The advent of Jan van Riebeeck                                      178
Demeaning portraits of the Khoisan                                 182
The advent of the British and the impact of British settlers        187
The role of missionaries in colonial conquest                       191
The wars of dispossession                                           198
Conclusion                                                         201
CHAPTER 11                                                            203
The Discovery of Diamonds and its Aftermath                            203
CHAPTER 12                                                            227
Race and the Construction of the Dispensable Other: The'Everlasting Nay'
to the Prospect of Change                                              227

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