Table of contents for Laskar Jihad : Islam, militancy, and the quest for identity in post-New Order Indonesia / Noorhaidi Hasan.

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Introduction                                               13
Laskar Pembela Islam                                   14
Laskar Jihad                                           16
Laskar Mujahidin Indonesia                             18
Anti-Americanism                                       20
Political Islam After the New Order                    22
The Focus of the Study                                 25
Methodological Notes                                   28
The Structure of the Book                              29
Chapter One: The Expansion of "Salafis"                    31
Islamic Reform in Indonesia                            33
Saudi Arabian Geopolitics                              36
Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia                       39
Islamic Activism on the Campus                         43
Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Islam dan Bahasa Arab         47
A New Type of Middle Eastern Graduate                  51
The Salafi Foundations                                 54
Post-Gulf War Drift                                    58
Chapter Two: The Rise of Ja'far Umar Thalib                63
Hadrami Background                                     65
Persis Legacy                                          68
Afghan Experience                                      71
Pesantren Al-Irsyad Tengaran                           73
Revitalizing the Yemeni Connection                     77
The Sururiyya Issue                                    80
The Periodical Salafy                                  84
The Ihyaus Sunnah Network                              87
Chapter Three: Toward Political Mobilization               93
Transition to Democracy                                96
The Opening of Institutional Access                    99
Moluccan Conflict                                     103
The Birth of FKAWJ                                    107
For the Defense of the Muslim Umma (Muslim Community)  112
The Fatwas on Jihad                                    116
Structures of Mobilization                            121
Chapter Four: From Apolitical Salafism to Jihadist Activism  129
Back to the Qur'an and Sunna                          130
Tawhid                                                133
Ahl al-Sunna wa'l Jama'a                              135
AI-Wala wa'l-Bara                                     138
Hizbiyya                                              140
Hakimiyya (Sovereignty)                               143
Democracy                                             146
Jihad                                                  148
Toward Which End?                                     152
Chapter Five: When Identity is Shaken                     157
Social Composition                                    159
Becoming Acquainted with Islam                        163
Reborn as True Muslims                                167
Identity Shaken by the Waves of Modernization         171
Enclave                                               175
An Alternative System?                                 180
Chapter Six: The Drama of Jihad in the Moluccas           185
The Theatrical Dimension of the Mission                187
The Road to the Moluccas                               190
On the Jihad Battlefield                               193
Rajm                                                  197
Winning the Battle with the Media                     200
Changing Plot                                         203
Post-September 11                                     206
Malino Agreement                                      209
The End of the Drama                                  211
Conclusion                                                215
List of Abbreviations and Glossary                        223
Bibliography                                              229

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