Table of contents for Presentations of postcolonialism in English : new orientations / edited by Jaydeep Sarangi.

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1. Representations of Colonialism in Indian Fiction
in English                                         1
-Rajeshwar Mittapalli
2.  Europe and the New Culture                        21
-Jose Carlos Redondo Olmedilla
3.  Postcolonialism: Theory, Issues and Applications  29
-Suidhir K. Arora
4.  Empowering the Third World Women:                 43
The Postcolonial Perspective
-Gajendra Kiumar
5.  Going Back to Ireland-Irish Homes in
Bernard Maclaverty's Grace Notes and
Vincent Woods's A Cry From Heaven                 51
-Elisa Armellino
6.  Benjamin's Ambivalence towards the City and Sex:
Reading Baudelaire in Illuminations and Reflections  61
-Beerendra Pandey
7.  Grounding the Text: Acts of Translations and
the Representation of the Hindu World             75
-Alessandro Monti
8.  Marginals, Education and Postcolonial Society     81
-C. Kodhandaraman
9.  "Every Poem Becomes Dangerous": The Aesthetics    95
of Resistance in Contemporary Nigerian Poetry
-Sule E. Egya
10. The Spanism Imagination Exploring India:
A Postcolonial Study  .                          107
-Antonia Naanrro Tejero
11. Voice of Minority in New Literature:
Canada and India                                   117
-M.B. Gaijan
12. Neither on Either Side Nor In-between:
The Anglo-Indian and Postcolonial Indian Fiction
in English                                         127
-V. Padma
13. The Politics of Correctness: India in Translation  145
-Malati Mathur
14. English ... New Englishes... Canadian English ...  159
Whither English?
15. Tibetan Diasporic Poetry' and the Politics of Neglect 167
-Archna Sahni
16. Basavaraj Naikar's Kannada Translations:
A Postcolonial Reading                             177
-Mallikarjun Patil
17. "Value Education: A Synonym to a Healthy
Education System"-A Postcolonial Study             195
-G.A. Ghanshyam    and U.K. Shrivastava
18. Nayantara Sahgal's Lesser Breeds: A Postcolonial Text 201
-Shivputra Shivraj Kanade
19. Postmodern Traits : Salman Rushdie's
The Moor's Last Sigh                               209
-Anju Bala Agrawal
20. Uttering Reality: Alexis Wright's Plains of Promise  215
-Hi-madri Roy
21. Perspectivising Indian Poetics in Postcolonial Context:
A Study in Application of Rasi Theory              233
-Lljjwal Jana
22. Replacing Language in the Post-Colonial Space:
A Study of Rama Mehta's Inside the Haveli and
Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day and Fasting, Feasting  245
-Jaydeep Sarangi
23. From the Spiritual to the Material Hero:
The Development of the Puritan Character           267
-Ana M' Perez Cabello

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