Table of contents for 100 questions & answers about erectile dysfunction / Pamela Ellsworth.

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Part 1. All the Stuff You Never Wanted to Think About                     I
Questions 1-10 describe the anatomy of the penis, define erectile dysfunction, and
discuss some of the causes of erectile dysfunction.
* What is erectile dysfunction?
* What causes erectile dysfunction?
* Is erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction a normal process of aging?
* Is erectile dysfunction curable?
Part 2. Evaluating Erectile Dysfunction: What to Expect                  33
Questions 11-25 describe the kinds of questions and tests that your doctor may use
to determine what might be causing erectile dysfunction.
* What questions might the doctor ask me during my initial visit?
* What is the doctor looking for during the physical examination?
* What happens after the history, physical examination, and laboratory tests have
been carried out?
* What laboratory tests are performed?
Part 3. WhatAre the Other Types of Sexual Dysfunction?                   53
Questions 26-32 discuss other forms of sexual dysfunction that can be related to
erectile dysfunction.
* What is retrograde ejaculation and what causes it?
* What is priapism and prolonged erection?
* What is Peyronie's disease and what causes it?
Part 4. Treatment                                                        61
Questions 33-85 discuss various options for treating erectile dysfunction, along with
possible side effects and complications.
What are the current treatment options for erectile dysfunction?
"* What are the benefits and risks of testosterone therapy?
"* How does Viagra compare to other therapies?
"* What is the success rate of MUSE?
"* What is a penile prosthesis?
"* What is penile bypass surgery and who is a candidate?
"* What are the investigational therapies and how can I try one of these?
"* Can I combine therapies?
Part 5. Talking About and Living With Erectile Dysfunction                  155
Questions 86-100 address the relationship and lifestyle issues that erectile dysfunc-
tion and its treatment can cause. Question 100 offers resources for more information.
* I am embarrassed about my erectile troubles and have found myself avoiding my
wife/partner. How do I discuss this with my partner/wife?
* If I don't have a primary care provider, who should I see to have my erectile dys-
function evaluated and treated?
* Is there a role for sex therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?
* Does insurance cover a penile prosthesis?
* I have angina. Is sex bad for me?

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