Table of contents for In pursuit of conceptual excellence : the evolution of British military-strategic doctrine in the post-Cold War era, 1989-2002 / Markus Mäder.

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Acknowledgements                                                 13
Abbreviations                                                     15
INTRODUCTION                                                      19
DEVELOPMENTS, 1989-1996                                          43
Introduction                                                     45
1   An Era of Cumulative Changes: The Environment Shaping
Britain's Armed Forces, 1989-1996                             48
1.1  Strategic Environment: The Lack of Defence Policy Guidance  49
1.2 Technological Environment: A 'Revolution
in Military Expectations'                                61
1.3  Social Environment: Mounting Pressure
on the 'Postmodern Military'                             70
2   The Capability-Based Army: Land Power Leads the Way
into Doctrine Development                                     78
2.1  Organisational Culture: The Two Armies                   79
2.2 Doctrinal Debate: From the Bagnall Reforms
to Operation Granby                                      86
2.3  Formal Doctrine: The Manoeuvrist Approach                98
3   'Instrument of First Choice': The Emancipation of Air Power
after the Gulf War                                           104
3.1 Organisational Culture: The Royal Air Force
as the Junior Service                                   105
3.2  Doctrinal Debate: The Gulf War, Technology
and New Constraints                                     112
3.3  Formal Doctrine: Strategic Air Offensive Revisited      122
4   Wider Peacekeeping: A Half-Completed Understanding
of Post-Cold War Peacekeeping                              129
4.1  Organisational Culture: The Legacy of Low-Intensity Operations 130
4.2  Doctrinal Debate: Justifying the Limitations of Bosnia  140
4.3  Formal Doctrine: The Concept of Wider Peacekeeping    148
5   Maritime Power Projection: A Navy for the New Strategic
Environment                                                154
5.1  Organisational Culture: The Royal Navy as the Senior Service  155
5.2  Doctrinal Debate: Preparing a Trojan Horse for Joint Doctrine  164
5.3  Formal Doctrine: The Concept of Maritime Power Projection  168
6   Doctrine: Instrument of Service Policy and Change Management  177
DEVELOPMENTS, 1996-2002                                        185
Introduction                                                   187
7   Military Transformation Rebalanced: The Environment
Shaping Britain's Armed Forces, 1996-2002                  190
7.1  Strategic Environment: Consolidation of a Post-Cold
War Defence Policy                                     190
7.2  Technological Environment: The Growing 'System of Systems'  199
7.3  Social Environment: The Military's 'Right to Be Different'  204
8   Peace Enforcement: The New Rationale for Post-Cold War
Crisis Interventions                                       211
8.1  Organisational Culture: The Changing Attitude
towards Peacekeeping                                  212
8.2  Doctrinal Debate: Marrying Counter-Insurgency
and Coercion Theory                                   214
8.3  Formal Doctrine: The Concept of Peace Enforcement     221
9   British Defence Doctrine: Breakthrough
of a Joint Military-Strategic Doctrine                     229
9.1  Organisational Culture: Jointery - The 'Purple Trend'  230
9.2 Doctrinal Debate: British Defence Doctrine and the Lessons
from Kosovo                                           235
9.3  Formal Doctrine: The 'British Approach to Military Operations' 247
10 The 'Post-ll September' Military: Doctrine and the Rise
of Asymmetric Conflict, 2001/02                              259
10.1 The British Debate on Asymmetry prior to 'll September'  262
10.2 The 'New Chapter' - A Blueprint for Further Military
Transformation                                          266
10.3 Afghanistan 2001/02 - The Merging and Blurring
of Military Operations                                  274
11 Doctrine: Institutionalising a Culture of Innovation         285
CONCLUSION                                                      295
BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                    313
APPENDICES                                                      355
A Chronology - Major Events in British Defence
and Doctrinal Evolution                                      357
B   British Doctrine Community                                  365
C   Hierarchy of British Doctrinal Documents                    367

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