Table of contents for The media : the terrorists' battlefield / edited by Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism, Ankara, Turkey.

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. The Evolution of the Media in the Coverage of Terrorism
Media Coverage as Advertising                                           3
Evithatr H. Ben-Zedff
Eth cal Balance of Reporting on Terrorism                              21
1us; / KarMi
2. Aspects of the Interactions Between Terrorism, Public Opinion and
the Media
Losing the Information War in Iraq: The Dynamics Between Terrorism
Public Orinion and the Media                                           29
Steve Tatham
Media and Terrorism                                                    39
Ercam (Qiliogt
A Theor of ielevised Hostage Takigs                                   43
Anders G. Romareim
Iraq's Hostage Crisis: Kidnapping, Mass Media and the raqi Insurgency  62
Jbrahim Al-Marashi
3. The Struggle Beweewe Governments and Terrorist Organisations for
n ternational and Domestic Public Opinion
evision News and Terrorism                                            77
iilent C?api
Creating a Citizenry Prepared for Terrorism: Education, Media and Public
wareness                                                               80
atel Pries-Shimshi
The Staggle for Public Opinion Within the Media and Informaion
War on Terror                                                          89
LnEma L. Briant
4, The Security Challenge to the Media Dealing with Terrorism
Security of Media Personnel Wlilst Reporting on Terrorism             111
Viore M;;iaila
Reporting from War Zones and Its Challenges                              125
evQin Sungur
5. Focus on the Threat of Terrorism to the Caucasus and the Media's
Coverage of this Danger
Terroris  in the Caucasu: A Western Perspective                         131
r acey German
Mass Media and the Intenal and External Dimensions of the Terreist
Threats to the Stability of the Caucasus                                 141
OktaY F Tar isever
Reporting on Terrorism                                                   52
Jonathan Charles

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