Table of contents for Gunrunners : the covert arms trail to Ireland / Sean Boyne.

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Acknowledements                                          page 6
Preface                                                        9
Prologue                                                      11
Introduction                                                  14
1 Saor Eire and the Haughey Connection                       27
2 The Gun Dealer and the Arms Crisis                          52
3 The IRA and the Harrison Network                            89
4 The Spooks and the Arms Deal in Prague                     119
5 The Infiltration of the Claudia Operation                  139
6 The Liverpudlian, the Greek Cypriots and Arms from Lebanon  168
7 The FBI Man and the Mayo Gunrunner                         187
8 A Quest for Missiles                                       204
9 The Curse of the Valhalla                                  236
10 The Eksnd and the Spy in the Sky                         270
11 High-Tech Operators of the IRA                            285
12 Arms and the INLA                                         320
13 Loyalist Bombers and Gunrunners                           351
14 The Real IRA Looks East                                   380
15 A Farewell to Arms                                        391
Epilogue                                                     416
Appendix A: Estimated Arms Holdings of Paramilitary Groups   420
Appendix B: Republican/Nationalist Arms Procurement          428
Appendix C: Loyalist Arms Procurement                        441
Bibliography                                                 444
Endnotes                                                     447

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