Table of contents for Ethics, accountability, and recordkeeping in a dangerous world / Richard J. Cox ; series editor Geoffrey Yeo.

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h-Atroduction: from ethics to accountability, or, when do record
professionals become whistleblowers? xxv
Introduction xxv
The imnportance of ethics and accountability xxvii
The spark igniting the fire: Enron, Arthur Andersen, and
Corporate scandals xxxi
Governrment secrecy and the control of the past xxxiv
Evil and recordkeepin g xxxviii
Owvn ng the past xliii
The international dimensions of thiis book xliv
Coni s i on: a ch va whisteb owing? xlvi
1 Testing the spirit of the information age
Introduction 1
The computer store as the new church for our information agi
The information age arnd thee lectronic sweatshop 6
The information age and the loss of humanity 7
The need for spirituality in the information age 13
Conclusion: beyond what we can see or make 16
2 Searching for authority and recognition: archivists, records
managers, and electronic records 19
Introduction 19
Archivists and the quest for a magic bullet 20
"The search for authority for ERM in the archival literature 22
The possible fatal flaw: eiectronic records management and
practice 29
Records professionals in a brave new world 35
Simple questions about SIM and other new information
management models 38
SIM world or, real world? 39
Begin the dialogue 44
Conclusion: back to work 46
3 Why the Archivist of the United States is important to
records professionals and America 49
Introduction 49
The historical lessons of the founding and developmentb of i:he-
National Archives 50
The National Archives and the chimera of independence 54
A new controversy erupts 57
A new time, a new set of challenges 62
A legacy of problems, not a Bushwhacking 65
Different thoughts about the Archivist 68
Conclusion 73
4 America's pyramids: presidents and their libraries 75
introduction 75
Whta"s the purpose of presidential libraries? 76
riresiderntial papers before presidential libraries 77
.lfR and tLhe origins of the presidenti al ibrary 80
i e presidenti -  library system's evol Uion and the issues of
presidential papers 83
The insider's view on presidential libraries 89
Others views on presidential libraries 95
is there a future for, presidential libraries? 101
Summing up: a policy recornmendation 104
SThe world is a dangerous place: recordkeeping in the age of
terror 109
Introduction 109
What is terrorism? 110
Nothing new under the sun 112
Media coverage of the Gulf VVars 116
Closing off the documentation 119
inteiiigence and the war on terror 123
The intelligence boondoggle and civil liblerties 125
Rlecords and Cheir administration in the age of terror 126
CIo records professionals need new ethics codes? 128
Conclusion 133
6 Technology, the future of work, and records professionals
Intr oduction 135
Fighting mythology 136
Comouters and workers 139
'he power of the historical, or ong-term, perspective 143
Records still appear 144
The challenges of the new workplace and its technologies 146
Co ncusion 153
7  -lecords and truth in the post-truth society 157
ntr oduction 5i -7
The post-truth society 159
Political pratfalls 163
Scientific shenanigans 166
Corporate corr uption 168
Historians' hiccup 174
Conclusion: records and truth 18D
8 Censorship and records 183
Introduction 183
Self-censorship: the first danger sign 186
Human rights and the role of records 190
Voyeurism as a stimulant for censorship 194
Torture and the power of records 198
Conclusion: where do we go from here? 201
9  Personal notes: intellectual property, technology, and unfair
stories 207
Introduction 207
Two views 208
Power plays 209
Societal shenanigans 211
Information technologies and free expression 212
Information pr ofessionas as combatants or innocent civiian
Personal stories about unfair use 217
Conclusion 228
Conclusion. Archiving archives: rethinking and revitalizing a
concept 231
Intr'oduction 231
Archives as storage 235
Archives as static 236
Archives as data 237
Archives as imemory 238
Archives as social construction 240

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