Table of contents for Aesthetics and music / Andy Hamilton.

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i fs i  d Music in Acin iece
usicn  oisi  a and  iC c
P  ateoFi Pio d Pla tonic Pta or an       j
t   e1r iatical conc pAtit  l
' dae eicral concoine il n  Platos moe empiricall-  26
i1e sucssos Aristotle anld dicStoxict ns
bhe  sepa' a ion of  ate  inle shes  2.       )
e   NIdiea I tl  a nild eIa iissacei : im  sical emhoul s i2
2iTe (ocpt Mu i  'sic sit                    i
e  potssibi1ity   notlon-i ca  iiial tir soiiend<-ar  4
Tle coincepi oi itusi                        46
Sounadsii,  toeisnd siond-arti-              59
3      Te Aesthetics of F'or. the Aesthetics of ExiresFi oiin.i  66
i "Aibsol ite Music': aesthe tics of music in t ciatms
ighteeth annd ninieteenti   centrieCs
Te ?Romanatc mietaphysics ofa m i n6 7
Kait anlid aism 7nils
Schopei aue.r  a i i d  r: bsaoitite iicmusic  76
"Nietiscih: ithen mAc malt nian and  Ihe Dio sia  7
anlck an d  o' rmalismi 51 1 t  a  '1
Expr!essi on,  or !; ani d  :?absolute murl.sic:  82:::  :: :::
4 TIe Sound of Msic5
The atco smati experience of so'mud                  9
Pythiagoras and m,us ,qua cur/t{e                    9
A broader definiio:n of aconismati' l101
()bjections t.o the', acousmatic thesis10
The twofolJd thesis18
A   humanistic conceion of musicv
abstract concepti ons
5 Rhythm and Time 1
Music a an art of tim                               12
The unitvesalty of rh thI122
A Platonic< organic dcfinitio                       1
Rhiythm and metre                                   10
Rhythm and accent                                   137
Rlh-th-m and -movemenrl                             14
6 AdonI o and ModerInism: music as au41 mos and        5 31
'sociai fact
The advent of modeniism                              5
Adono's aesthetics of modernis                      i 58
Adorno and Kiant: art s autonloioaustand purposelss  16
Adorno and Iegel: dialectic, historiC l'  ad         63
Adorno and Marx:. art s com'modi0 or sci   l a      1 tI
The cuht're indudst :'7
Muic of tl( e I aa?t-gardC: Adorn'S iitd go ds      17
for optimism
Dialectics and the autonomy ofi arl                 17
7 Improvisation and Compoisiti on                     12
Thel aesthetis of perfecon and ipfet                1
The caoncept of improvsisatioa a

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