Table of contents for Living well in an age of global warming : 10 strategies for boomers, bobos, and cultural creatives / Paul A. Delcourt and Hazel R. Delcourt.

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Figures and Tables                               viii
Preface                                           xi
P t I  CASHING IT ALL N                                  1
1   Quality of Life in a Changing World               5
The Stunning Scale of Environmental Change       6
Crises Ahead-Why Care?                           6
A Personal Checklist                             8
2   Baby Boomers                                      10
The Baby Boom Generation-Who Are We?            10
Boomer Breakpoints                              12
How Do We Boomers View Ourselves?               14
"Who Will Be the Biggest Losers?                17
Doomed because of Boomer Demographics?          19
3   Greenhouse Warming-Somebody Else's Problem?       24
The Greenhouse Effect                           25
Commonsense Talk About Climate Models           29
The BAU Scenario-Is It Really Business as Usual?  31
General Consequences of Greenhouse Warming      34
"It's Never Too Late and It's Already Too Late"  36
rt    IFESTYLE DESTINATIONS                             37
4   The Seaside                                       41
Our Oceanfront Homes at Risk                    41
Sea-Level Rise in Deep Time                     42
Sea-Level Rise in a Greenhouse World            42
How Will a Greenhouse World Affect Iurricanes?  49
Deal with It, Move it, or Lose It               58
Beachfront Homes: Paradise for Years to Come?   60
5   The Lakeshore                                     65
How Hot Is Hot?                                 66
The Resorters' Dilemma                          68
Forests in Peril?                               79
Boom and Bust in Great Lakes Forestry           82
A Hunter's Wild Card                            86
6   The Mountains                                     88
Wellness in the Back of Beyond                  88
Paradox of the Tourists                         95
The Dreaded E-Word, Extinction                 102
Elusive Ecotones                               103
Adapting to a Future Mountain Scenario         106
7   The Sunbdt                                       107
Ecological Refugees                            108
Water Wars                                     1 10
Birds, the Consummate Ecological Nomads        1 22
Part     FINDING YOUR SOLUTION                           127
8   Ecological Survival Kit                          131
Packing Your Ecological Survival Kit           131
Hard Decisions                                 142
Risk: Changing Perceptions or Changing Reaities  144
Financial Security                             145
Social Security                                146
Ecological Security                            148
9   Ten Best Strategies for Living Well
in the Age of Global Warming                  1 50
Priorities                                     150
Risk Takers in a Greenhouse World              153
Ecological Thrill Seekers: Adventurers         154
The Ecological Contrarian                   154
The Ecological Speculator                   156
The Cash Flow King                          157
Comfort Seekers: Ecological Nomads             159
The Snowbird                                159
The Perpetual Beach Walker                  160
The Time-Share Timer                        161
The Sun-Seeking Road Warrior                162
The Seafaring Vagabond                      163
Stability Seekers: Year-Rounders               164
The Homesteader                             165
The Sustainable Hedonist                    1 67
Winners in a Greenhouse World                  168
1    Legacy for Future Generations                    1 69
No Park Is an Island: Corridors and Buffer Zones  170
What Can the Concerned Citizen Do?             173
The Ecological Edge                            181
Notes                                           183
Resources                                       214
Reference Books                               214
Web Site Resources                            215

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