Table of contents for Tropical plants of Costa Rica : a guide to native and exotic flora / text and illustrations by Willow Zuchowski ; photographs by Turid Forsyth.

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Acknowledgments                                          7
Introduction                                             9
The Scope of the Book                                9
How to Use This Book                                10
Botanical Classification and Nomenclature           12
Observing and Identifying Plants                    13
Costa Rica                                          14
Conservation                                        15
Key to Abbreviations                                    17
Chapter 1. Painted Treetops                             19
Other Legumes with Yellow Flowers                   28
Color in Treetops Can be Deceiing                   36
Chapter 2. Other Common Trees                           39
dentifying Cecropia Species in Costa Rica           48
77e Sex Life of Figs and Fig Wasps                  63
Chapter 3. Roadside and Garden Ornaments                73
Wild Species                                        74
The Largest Flower in Costa Rica                78
Cultivated Species                                 108
7be Native Cycads                              130
Chapter 4. Fruits and Crops                            161
What Gives Edam Cheese its Color?                  172
Medicine and Bioweapon All in One                  177
Bananas in Costa Rica                              184
Coffee Relatives                                   197
Chapter 5. Living Fences and Reforestation             211
Chapter 6. Special Habitats                            235
Wet Atlantic Lowlands                              236
La Selva Biological Station and Environs       237
Tortuguero Canals                              247
Tropical Dry Forest                                255
2I1usical Instruments, Furniture, and Bowls     258
Cacti in Costa Rica                            264
Where Does Chan Come From?                    274
Tropical Montane Cloud Forests                      281
Monteverde                                      282
Epiphytes                                   288
The "Little Avocados                        298
Gap Specialists                             304
Pos Volcano National Park                       306
Cerro de la Muerte                              316
77he Impressive Oaks                        322
Beach and Mangrove                                  328
Drift seeds                                     334
Mangroves                                       340
Caribbean Beaches                               346
Chapter 7. Typical Tropical Groups                      353
Arum and Philodendron Family (Araceae)              354
Bromeliad and Pineapple Family (Bromeliaceae)       366
Palm Family (Arecaceae)                             378
Heliconia and Bird of Paradise Families
(Heliconiaceae and Strelitziaceae)              394
Sexy Pink, Lobster Claw, and Bird of Paradise   404
Orchid Family (Orchidaceae)                         406
Miniature Orchids                               425
Ferns and Lycophytes                                436
Chapter 8. Conspicuous Grasses                          459
Glossary                                                469
List of Species by Family                               481
Bibliography                                            497
Metric Ruler                                            531

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