Table of contents for TransXML : XML schemas for exchange of transportation data / Eric Ziering, Frances Harrison.

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5      iD  1  ntroduction
",5' Research Context
1.2 Resarch Objectives
i 3 Research Approach
" I4 Coutents of Report
9    :   i 2 Surface Transportation Data Exchange Needs
S2. Overview
S22 Roadway Survey/Design
2   ransportation Construction/Materials
S2, Highway Bridge Structures
S5 Transportation Safety
2.6  oader Framenwo rk for TransXML
cron 3 Current Practice Review
Si Overview of Existing Schema and Standards
32 Screening and Evaluation of Schema and Standards
2t: on 4 Gaps and Opportunities for TransXML
-   C riteria for identifying XML Schema Candidates
3  42 Radway Survey/Design
1.3 ransportation Construction/Materials
S4  -4 Highway Bridge Structures
5 Transportation Safety
s:n 5 TransXML Process and Products
. Scherma Development Process
2 52 Techical Franmework for TransXML
3 Stakeholder Involvement
364  ML Modeling
5.C ML Encoding and Validation
S5.6 ransXM  Schema and Sample Applications
SiO   n 6 Future Stewardship of TransXML
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Existing Models for XML Stewardship
S.3 Lssons Learned
/i Goals and Mission Statement for the TransXML Project
5 Function and Roles of a TransXML Stewardship Organization
S6 Criteria for TransXML Stewardship
6.7 Recommended Model for TransXML Stewardship
S     n68   or Plan for the TransXML Project
54    cton 7References
55 Appendices AThroug     F
56 Appendix    : Additional Feedback on Sche
and UML Models

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