Table of contents for Conflicts of empires : Spain, the low countries and the struggle for world supremacy, 1585-1713 / Jonathan I. Israel.

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1    The Court of Albert and Isabella, 1598-1621
2      Garrisons and Empire: Spain's Strongholds in           2
North-West Germany, 15891659
3      A Spanish Project to Defeat the Dutch without Fighting:  45
The Rhine Maas Canal, 1624-9
4      Olivares, the CardinalInfante and Spain's Strategy in the  63
Low Countries: The Road to Rocoi, 1635-43
Art and Diplomacy: Gerard Ter Borch and the                 93
Munster Peace Negotiations, 1646-8
6      Spain and Europe from the Peace of MfOnster           105
to the Peace of the Pyrenees, 1648-59
7      Dutch Sephardi Jewry, Millenarian Politics            145
and the Struggle for Brazil, 1640-54
8      The Diplomatic Career of jeronimo Nunes da Costa:     171
An Episode in Dutch Portuguese Relations of the
Sevteeeenth Century
9      Lopo Ramirez (David Curiel) and the Attempt to        197
Establish a Sephardi Community in Antwerp in 1653-4
10     The Jews of Spanish Oran and their Expulsion in 1669  219
1      loleration in Seventeenth-Century Dutch               241
and English Thought
12     Wiliam II and Toleration                              263
13     England's Mercantilist Response to Dutch World        305
Trade Primacy, 1647-74
14     The Amsterdam Stock Exchange and the                  319
English Revolution of 1688
15     England, the Dutch and the Struggle for Mastery of    349
World Trade in the Age of the Glorious Revolution,
16     Propaganda in the Making of the Glorious Revolution   361
7  Gregorio Le (16 31-1701) and the Dutch Sephardi       375
Elite at the Close of the Seventeenth Century
18     The Dutch Republic and its Jews during the            391
Conflict over the Spanish Succession, 1699-1715

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