Table of contents for Corporate social responsibility in the EU & Japan / György Szell (ed.).

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Foreword                                                      9
Gyorgy Szdll
Introduction                                                 15
1   EU-Japan - Corporate Social Responsibility and Changing
Wage Systems - The Role of Trade Unions                  17
Gybrgy Szell
The Comparative Dimension                                    79
2   Welfare Corporatism in Transition:
A German-Japanese Comparison                             81
Friedrich Fiirstenberg
3   From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate
Accountability - International Trade Union Action
towards sustainable development                          91
Eberhard Schmidt
4   New Division of Labour and Contracts of Work            107
Eskil Ekstedt
5   The Voice of Workers in Corporate Governance Boards.
The Case of Renault-Nissan. The Arcelor Model.          125
Jean-Marc Le Duc
6   Why is the Gender Wage Gap in Japan so Large Compared
with France? A Comparison Based on Decomposition Analysis  147
Haruhiko Hori and Hiroatsu Nohara
The EU                                                     183
7   Investigating Corporate Social Responsibility:
Its Actual Role and Goals                              185
Francesco Garibaldo
8   Changing Patterns of Corporate Social Responsibility
in Europe                                              207
Bdla Galgoczi
9   Whirlpools of Globalisation and European Games:
Values and Institutions                                225
Witold Morawski
10  Changing Wage Systems in Europe: Prospects of Harmonising
the Law and the Politics of Collective Bargaining      249
Thomas Blanke
11 The Europeanisation of the Construction Sector          263
Stefan Hochstadt
Japan                                                      271
12 Changing Patterns of Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan  273
Akihiro Ishikawa
13 Corporate Governance Reform and Industrial Democracy
in Japan                                               283
Fujikazu Suzuki
14  Changing Patterns of Japanese Production Managament
- A New Balance between Tradition and Innovation       303
Rend Haak
15 Governance Reform and HRM Reform:
A New Complementarity?                                 327
Mitsuharu Miyamioto
16  Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan
- Focused on Environmental Communication                 341
Shuji Yamada
17 Female Entrepreneurship in Japan                         359
Philippe Debroux
18 "Selecting and Focusing" and Changes in the Internal
Labour Market in Japanese Electrical Machinery Firms    385
Hiroyasu Uemura
19 A Historical Approach of the Japanese Corporate Social
Responsibility                                           395
Bernard Thomann
Authors                                                      413

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