Table of contents for The decline of fisheries resources in New England : evaluating the impact of overfishing, contamination, and habitat degradation / edited by Robert Buchsbaum, Judith Pederson, William E. Robinson.

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.    Contamination, Habitat Degradation, Overfishing -
An "Either-Or" Debater
William E. Robinson and Judith Pederson
II    The New England Groundfish Resource: A History of Population
Change in Relation to Harvesting                                              11
Steven A. Murawski
III   Recent Trends in Anadromous Fishes                                           25
John Moring
IV.  Pollutant Effects upon Cod, Haddock Pollock, and Flounder
of the Inshore Fisheries of Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays                   43
Frederick P Thurberg and Edith Gould
V.   The Effect of Habitat Loss and Degradation on Fisheries                       67
Linda A. Deegan and Robert Buchsbaum
VI.  Effects of Natural Mortality and Harvesting on Inshore Bivalve
Population Trends                                                             97
Diane J. Broussea
VII. Bological Effects of Contaminants on Marine Shellfish
and Implications for Monitoring Population Impacts                           119
Judith E. McDowell
VIII. Are We Overfishing the American Lobster?
Some Biological Perspectives                                                 131
Robert S. 5teneck
IX   The Role of Overfishing, Pollution and Habitat Degradation
on Marine Fish and Shellfish Populations of New England:
Summary and Conclusions                                                      149
Robert Buchsbaum
X.   Management Implications: Looking Ahead                                       163
Judith Pederson and William E. Robinson

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