Table of contents for Statistics of quality / edited by Subir Ghosh, William R. Schucany, William B. Smith.

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1. Donald B. Owen's Contributions to the Statistics of Quality
Wiliam R. Schiucany
2. The Quality Movement: Where It Stands and the Role of
Statisticians in Its Future
Robert V. HIgg, with comments by David S. Moore
3. A Sequential Test of Some Process Capability Indices
YounMfin Chou and Michael T Anderson
4   Calibration of Gasoline Flow Meters                           49
Conrad D. Kruege, Sr. Jerome P Keating, Nandini Kannan
and Robert L. Mason
5. Some Aspects of Hotelling's T2 Statistic for Multivariate
Quality Control                                               77
No/a D Tracy, John C. Young, and Robert L Mason
6. Magnetic Field Quality Investigations for Superconducting
Super Collider Magnets                                       1
Richard F Gunst and Wi'liam R. Schucany
7. Real Experiments. Real Mistakes, Real Learning!21
Bovas Abraham and Mike Braja
8. Taguchi's Robust Design and Some Alternatives              137
Kwok-Leung Tsui
9. Determining Optimum Settings of Explanatory Variables
and Measuring Influence of Observations in
Multiresponse Experiments                                 161
Subir Ghosh and Ching-Lin Lai
10. Developing Measurement for Experimentation                 179
4al4ter Liggett
11. Lattice Squares                                            205
Anant M. Kshirsagar and Whedy Wang
12. Marginally and Conditionally Specified Multivariate Survival
Models: A Survey                                          233
Barry C. Arnold
13. Moments and Waveles in Signal Estimation                   253
Edward J. Wegman, Hung T Le, Wendy L. Poston, and
Jeffrey L. Solka
14. Hierarchical Bayes Models in Contextual Spatial Classification  275
L. Paul Fatti, Ruben Klein, and S. James Press
15. Asymmetry and Outlier Detection Using
Correspondence Analysis                                   295
William B. Smith and Mitchell J. Muehsam
16. Concrete Statistics                                        309
Emanuel Parzen
17. Numerical Methods for Use in Preparing High-Quality
Statistical Tables                                        333
Morgan C. Wang and William J. Kennedy
18. Modeling Quality Standards with Decision Analysis in Medicine
and Public Health                                         343
Richard G. Cornell
19. Quality and Warranty: Sensitivity of Warranty Cost Models
"to Distributional Assumptions                            361
Wallace R. Blischke and Sushmita Das Vij
20. On Semiparametric Estimation of a Probability Density      387
D. V Gokhale and Mezbahur Rahman
21. Improving Survey Estimates Using Rotation Design Sampling  395
Raj S. Chhikara, Lih-Yuan Deng, and Gwei-Hung Herb Tsai
22. Multicriteria Optimization in Sampling Design              411
James E. Gentle, Subhash C. Narula, and Richard L. Valliant

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