Table of contents for Cool colleges for the hyper-intelligent, self-directed, late blooming, and just plain different / Donald Asher.

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1     Where This Book Came From
3     Research Methodology, Biases, and Limitations
8     Is Important Information Missing from This Book?
10    How To Use This Book
11    Some Final, Very Important Disclaimers
3 :CH APTER z: Three Prep Colleges
14    Simon's Rock College of Bard
18    Simon's Rock and Bard
19    Cool Book Alert! Jefferson's Children: Education and the Promise of
American Culture by Leon Botstein
21. Are You Gifted?
22    The East Coast?
22    10 Largest Colleges/Universities
22    12 Smaller Colleges/Universities
24    College Planning Differs by Family Income
25    Deep Springs College
26    Get the Name Right!
29    Landmark College
30    On Credit
32    An Unusual Application Essay
33    A Few Thoughts on the Large vs. Small Decision
34    Essay: "Secret to Finding Scholarships-There Isn't One"
36    Totally Free Coileges and Universities
37    Tuition-Free Institutions
38    Cool Scholarship! The Collegiate Bass Anglers Association
39    CHAPTER a: The Ivy League and More
40    The Ivy League
43    The Most Competitive Schools in America
45    The Yale Syndrome
46    The Seven Sisters
48    Cool Book Alert! Looking Beyond The Ivy League: Finding the College That's
Right for You by Loren Pope
49    Why We Still Have Men's, Women's, and Minority-Focused Colleges
49    Skull and Bones at Yale
52    Three Schools That Are Kicking Butt
53    Essay: "Western Colleges Finally Get Their Due"
55    Cool Book Alert! The Public Ivys: A Guide to America's Best Public Undergradate
Colleges and Universities by Richard MolI
55    The Public Ivys
56    Q&A with a Dean of Admission: What Highly Competitive Really Means
56    Schools With Massive Endowments
59    Should You Go to the Best College You Can Get Into?
60   Inputs and Outputs
61    Measuring the Value of an Ivy League Degree
62    College Rankings
62    Eastern Oregon University
64    Top Ten Per-Capita Producers of Ph.D.s
"64   The Best Place to Grow a Woman Scientist?
64    Why Distance Doesn't Matter and All Schoos are Local
66    The Best College Library in America
67    CH APTER 3: Schools Where Scholarship Is Honored
68    Reed College
69    Cool Word List!
70    Why Reed Declines to Participate in National Rankings
71    Size Does Matter
74    Reed Scholars Win Honors
75    Every Reed Senior Writes a Thesis
76    Cool Web Site! Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
78   Interested in a Career in Higher Education?
79    A Short History of Educational Reform
80    So You Think College Presidents Have It Easy?
81    Cool Web Site!
81    Cool Book Alert! The Fiske Guide to Colieges by Edward B Fiske
82    Swarthmore College
83    Grade Inflation
84    Cool Book Alert! Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope
86    Cool Scholarship! Wofford Presidential International Scholarship
87    The Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges (CLAC)
88    Cool Book Alert! College: The Undergraduate Experience n America
by Ernest L. Boyer
89    The Highest Paid Professors in America
90    What About Bryn Mawr?
91    University of Chicago
93    The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Classification System
95    A Note about Urban Danger
96    Top Ten Most Innovative and/or Unorthodox Colleges
96    For Poorer?
96    Cool Book Alert! The Innovative Campus: Nurturing the Distinctive
Learning Environment by Joy Rosenzweig Kliewer
97    Sewanee - University of the South
98    Hampden-Sydney College
99    The Equestrian Center at Sewannee
100   Robert E. Cook Honors College
101   Real Truth about Cook Honors College
103   Truman State University
104   What Grad School Admissions Officers Love to See on Your Application
105  Interview with Robert E. Cook
107   Cook Honors College
107   Essay: "A College Officer Writes about Distinctiveness at a College"
109   Essay: "On College Counseling for the Intellectual Student"
116   Essay: "Advice from a Distinguished College Professor"
119   Cool Book Alert! The Templeton Guide: Colleges that Encourage Character
Development edited by the John Templeton Foundation
120   Brains and Brawn
120   MIT's Charm School
a:1   C HAPTER 4      The Great Books Programs
122   St. John's College
124   The Reading List for Freshman Year
124   The Reading List for Sophomore Year
124   The Reading List for Junior Year
124   The Reading List for Senior Year
125   Does St. John's Ever Change?
126   Thomas More College of Liberal Arts
127   Shimer College
128   Recent Pilot Great Books Programs
x29   CHAPTER 5: Eo Schools
130   College of the Atlantic
134   The Eco League
135   Audubon Expedition Institute
136   New College of the University of South Florida
137   Cool Web Site! National Center for Fair and Open Testing
138  Is the SAT Really Fair?
Average SAT Scores as a Factor of Family Income
Average SAT Scores as a Factor of Race
142   Cool Book Alert! This Way Out: A Guide to Alternatives to Traditional
College Education in the United States, Europe, and the Third World by
John Coyne and Tom Hebert
143   Cool Book Alert! Major in Success: Make College Easier, Fire Up Your Dreams,
and Get A Very Cool Job by Patrick Combs
144   Hampshire College
147   Essay: "What is Intelligence?"
150   Cool Book Alert! How College Affects Students by Ernest Pascarella and
Patrick Terenzini
151   Schools That De-emphasize Grades
151   Cool Book Alert! Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins
152   Prescott College
155   The Prescott College Mission
156   Mahatma Gandhi's Seven Sins
157   Essay: "Why Kids Aren't Happy in Traditional School"
160   Better Late Than Never
160   Cool Book Alert! College Unranked: Ending the College Admissions Frenzy
by Lloyd Thacker
161   Mariboro College
163   Suicide and the Smaller College
164   The Block Plan Schools
164   Colorado College
165   Cornell College
165   Blowing Smoke
165   Tusculum College
166   The Co-Op Schools
166   University of Cincinnati
167   Antioch College
168   Northeastern University
168   Kettering University
169   Keuka University
S7 z  C  H A P T R   6 :  E n t r e p r e n e u r ia l  S tu d ie s
172   Babson College
175   Essay: "The Big Meeting"
176   On Choosing a Major and Launching a Life
179   Essay: "The Filene Center for Work and Learning"
182   Og!ethorpe University's Career Exposure Program
184   Kansas State University Academic and Career information Center's
Peer Counselors
185   Coolest "Jobs" on Campus
186   Beloit College
186   Principia College's Career Summit
186   The Five Highest and Five Lowest Paying Majors
187  Junior Decision Programs: Santa Clara University and Washington
University in St. Louis
188   Wellesley College's Management Basics
S8 9  C H A P T E R   7 :  T h e  E n g in e e r in g   S c h o o ls
190   Harvey Mudd College
192   California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
194   Really Cool Science!
195   Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
197   Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
198   Colorado School of Mines
198   The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
200   More Engineering Specialty Schools
200   Some Other Schools of Engineering to Consider
200   Most Millionaires Come from the Middle of the Pack
201   Murphy's Law
201   80/20 Rule
201   Think Small Colleges Don't Have Much Clout?
203 CHAPTER 8: Flying, Sailing, and Militarizing
204   The Military Academies
205   Webb institute of Naval Architecture
206   Aviation and Aeronautics
207   The Merchant Marine
208   Maritime Colleges and Academies in the U.S. and Canada
209   Cool Books Alert! From F to Phi Beta Kappa: Supercharge Your Study Skills by
Lance 0. Ong and The Complete Guide to Academic Stardom by James Duban
210   Motivational Deficiency? Or Just Plain Lazy?
210   Cool Book Alert! My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a
Student by Rebekah Nathan
21    CHAPTER 9: The Work Colleges
212   Essay: "A Life of Work and Learning"
214   The Work Colleges
214   Alice Lloyd College
214   Berea College
215   Blackburn College
215   College of the Ozarks
215   Goddard College
216   Sterling College
216   The Saga of a Mountaintop School
217   Warren Wilson College
217   Cool Word List!
201   Berry College
218   Cool Books Alert! Our Underachieving Colleges: A Candid Look at How Much
Students Learn and Why They Should Be Learning More by Derek Bok and
Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition
by Vincent Tinto
219   CHAPTER zo: More Cool Ideas
220   Thomas Aquinas College
221   A Spiritual College? How Can That Be?
222   Naropa University
222   Soka University
222   Should You Go to a Religious or Church-Affiliated School?
224   Special Programs for Nontraditional Students, Single Parents, and Women
225   Frances Perkins Program at Mount Holyoke College
225   Cool Books Alert! Traditional Degrees for Nontraditional Students by Carol S.
Fungaroli and Bears Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning
by Mariah Bear
226   Alverno College
227   Heritage College
229   More Cool ideas: Specialty Schools
229   More Cool Ideas: Cool Classes and Programs
230   Computer Game Studies
230  Interpreting and Translating
231   Art
231   Music
231   Cooking
233   Auctioneering
234   Modern Railroading
234   School of the Building Arts
235   Tom Savin's Special Make-Up Effects Program
235   Comedy ,School
236   Americorps
236   Take a Year Off
236   Semester at Sea
237   Even More Unusual Classes, Majors, and Programs
238   Cool Book Alert! Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds by
Richard Light
238   Cool Scholarship! The Left-Handed Scholarship
Z39 CHAPT ZR x: Men's, Women's,
and Minority-Focused Colleges
240   Essay: "Why I Finally Chose to Attend an Historically Black College"
241   Cool Book Alert! Been There, Should've Done That by Susette Tyler
242   List of Historically Black Colleges
247   The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Member Institutions
250   Nobel-ity
252   The Hispanic Colleges
261   The Tribal, indian, and Native American Colleges
265   Mascots
266  Top Ten Colleges with "Substantial Proportionality" for Women's Athletic Pro-
grams as Defined by Title IX
267   The Women's Colleges
271   The Men's Colleges

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