Table of contents for Contemporary British fiction : history and the present / edited by Santosh Gupta and Preeti Bhatt.

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Introduction                                            xi
1   Imagining the Past: The Native and the Not-So-Native     1
2   Narrative Endings                                       15
Prafulla C. Kar
3   The Book of Mrs. Noah: Theory and Practice in Feminist  25
Sudha Rai
4   John Fowles: Two Novels                                 39
RK. Kaul
5   The Search for Authenticity in The Biographer's Tale    47
Santosh Gupta
6   Interrogating the 'Self: An Exploration of              58
Anita Brookner's Hotel du Lac
Shaila Mahan
7   Exuberance as a Strategy in Angela Carter's Wise Children  80
Charu Mathur             ,
8   Subversive Narratives in Muriel Spark's Fiction: A Reading  89
of Two Novels
Preeti Bhatt
9   Multiculturalism in Margaret Drabble's The Witch ofExmoor 106
Nidhi Singh
10 Nighls at the Circus: Multiple Directions in Narratology  116
Sudha Shastri
11 Challenging the Male Gaze and Motherhood in          127
Doris Lessing's The Summer Before the Dark and
The Fifth Child
Mini Nanda
12 Anita Brookner: A Reluctant Feminist's Fictional World  137
Bandana Chakrabarty
13 The Stories Ghosts Tell in Muriel Spark's            144
The Portobello Road and Other Stories
Urmil Talwar
14 The Nowhere People: Paul Scott's Staying On          154
Veena Singh
15 Multiple Selves of Kate Brown in Doris Lessing's     164
The Summer Before the Dark
Supriya Agarwal
16 The House and the Church in Michele Roberts'         174
Daughters of the House
Krishna Sharma
17 Growing Up in Wilderness: African Stories of Doris Lessing  186
Madhuri Chatterjee
18 Shadows of 'Bloody Past and Uneasy Present': Space in  194
Paul Scott's TheJewel in the Crown
Ila Rather
19 The Aesthetics of Nostalgia in the Films of Merchant-Ivory 202
Vijaya Singh
20 Fantasy and the Harry Potter Novels                  211
Joya Chakravarty
21 "The Cages People Live In": The Short Stories of     225
Doris Lessing
Manveen Brar
22 The Role of Epiphany in the Novels of Angus Wilson   237
Aruna Pandey
23 Patriarchal Agency and the Agents of Patriarchy: Re-reading  256
Angela Carter's Feminism
Rajul Bhargava

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