Table of contents for New perspectives on human sacrifice and ritual body treatment in ancient Maya society / edited by Vera Tiesler and Andrea Cucina.

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1.  New Perspectives on Human Sacrifice and Postsacrificial Body
Treatments in Ancient Maya Society: An Introduction        1
Andrea Cucina and Vera Tiesler
2.   Funerary or Nonfunerary? New References in Identifying
Ancient Maya Sacrificial and Postsacrificial Behaviors
from Human Assemblages                                    14
Vera Tiesler
3.   The Creation and Sacrifice of Witches in Classic Maya Society  45
Lisa J. Lucero and Sherry A. Gibbs
4.   Empowered and Disempowered During the Late to Terminal
Classic Transition: Maya Burial and Termination Rituals
in the Sibun Valley, Belize                               74
Eleanor Harrison-Buck, Patricia A: McAnany, and Rebecca Storey
5.   Posthumous Body Treatments and Ritual Meaning in the Classic
Period Northern Pet6n. A Taphonomic Approach             102
Cecilia Medina Martin and Mirna Sdnchez Vargas
6.   Human Sacrifice in Late Postclassic Maya
Iconography and Texts                                    120
Gabrielle Vail and Christine Herndndez
7.   Skeletons, Skulls, and Bones in the Art of Chich6n Itza  165
Virginia E. Miller
8.   Sacrifice and Ritual Body Mutilation in Postclassical
Maya Society: Taphonomy of the Human Remains from
Chich6n ItzA's Cenote Sagrado                            190
Guillermo de Anda Alants
9. Sacred Spaces and Human Funerary and Nonfunerary
Placements in Champot6n, Campeche, During the
Postclassic Period                                        209
Araceli Hurtado Cen, Aleida Cetina Bastida, Vera Tiesler, and
William J. Folan
10. Human Sacrificial Rites Among the Maya of MayapAn:
A Bioarchaeological Perspective                           232
Stanley Serafin and Carlos Peraza Lope
11. Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Social Status of Skeletal Remains
from Nonfunerary and "Problematical" Contexts             251
Andrea Cucina and Vera Tiesler
12. Victims of Sacrifice: Isotopic Evidence for Place of Origin  263
T Douglas Price, James H. Burton, Lori E. Wright, Christine
D. White, and Fred Longstaffe
13. The Bioarchaeology of Maya Sacrifice                       293
Jane E. Buikstra
Subject Index                                             309

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