Table of contents for Value analysis in design and construction / James J. O'Brien.

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Preface                                            ix
1 Introduction                            1
2 Functional Analysis                     9
Case Study A Functional Analysis Creativity Session (GSA
Fire Safety)                           21
3 The Job Plan                           27
Case Study B The Job Plan (GSA Cafeteria)          36
4 Technology                             43
5 Typical Project Cycle                  67
6 Budget Phase                           73
Case Study C Budget Phase (Rat Control)            81
Case Study D Budget Phase (University Hospital)    85
7 Development                            91
Case Study E Development Feasibility Analysis (Florida)  93
8 Programming Phase                      99
Case Study F Programming (Hospital Survey Committee)  113
9 Cost Estimating                       121
Case Study G Estimating (AMIS Cost Model)         144
Case Study H Schematic Design (Cost Estimating)    149
10 Schematic Design                      159
Case Study I Schematic Design (Location of
Auditorium-GSA)                       176
Case Study J Schematic Design (Spatial Requirements-
Filing: GSA)                          182
11 Preliminary Design Phase              187
Case Study K Preliminary Design (Selective Energy Study-
Flack and Kurtz)                      206
12 Detailed Design Phase                 209
Case Study L Detailed Design Phase (Value Analysis)  218
13 Construction Phase                    223
Case Study M Construction Phase (PBS VECPs)       242
Case Study N Value Analysis in Heavy Construction  256
14 Implementation                        275
15 Value Analysis in the Construction Context  285

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