Table of contents for Power and eroticism in Imperial Rome / Caroline Vout.

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List of illustrations [page viii]
Preface [xiii]
1 The erotics of imperium [1]
Anecdotal history [1]
The main storyline [5]
The priapic paradigm [17]
One touch of Venus [27]
2 Romancing the stone: the story of Hadrian and Antinous    [52]
Approaching Antinous: the efficacy of the image  [52]
The sculpture: 'Schlagt die Augen nieder; hier ist Antinoos!' [71]
Antinous and Roman religion: 'This is the god of imperial Rome!' [113]
3 Compromising traditions: the case of Nero and Sporus    [136]
'Greek love' made Roman [136]
Prelude: making sense of Maximus [140]
Male-male desire as marriage [151]
Sporus and Poppaea [157]
4 A match made in heaven: Earinus and the emperor     [167]
Adopting an approach: the historicity of text and the textuality
ofhistory  [167]
Springtime for Caesar: Martial's epigrams about Earinus [175]
Cutting to the chase: the impact of Earinus in Statius' Silvae 3.4  [182]
5 Mistress as metaphor: a dialogue with Panthea   [213]
'This was more than a woman: this was a masterpiece' [213]
What's in a name? Lucian's Cyropaedia [218]
Fractured identities [223]
Locating Lucian [229]
Gluing things back together [233]
6 And so to bed...    [240]
References [243]
Index [272]
Index of principal passages [281]

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