Table of contents for Darfur : the ambiguous genocide / GeĢrard Prunier.

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Preface and Acknowledgements                          page vii
Glossary ofArabic Terms                                    xiii
Abbreviations                                               xx
Map                                                       xxiii
1. Independent Darfur: Land, People, History                 1
The economy and the lie ofthe land                        1
Population: a complex ethnic mosaic                      4
The independent Darfur Sultanate                         8
Umm Kwakiyya, the time ofthe bandits                    15
Ali Dinar and Darfur's last independent years (1898-1916)  20
2. Darfur and Khartoum (1916-1985): An Unhappy
Relationship                                            25
Colonial benign neglect: romanticism and underdevelopment  25
On the margins ofhistory: Darfur and Sudanese nationalism  34
Reaching for the Centre: thefrustrations of democratic
politics in Darfur                                    36
The Chadian-Libyan factor: a fundamental element of
destabilization                                       42
From maladministration tofamine:the 1984 catastrophe    47
3. From Marginalization to Revolt: Manipulated
"Arabism" and "Racial" Anarchy (1985-2003)              54
Consequences ofthe 1984famine                           54
Khartoum's "democratic"politics and the Chadian conflict   58
Libya's "victory"in Chad, a new Darfur famine and the Daud
Bolad insurrection                                      68
Centre versus Periphery:Darfur in a global Sudanese perspective  76
4. Fear at the Centre: From Counter-Insurgency
to Quasi-Genocide (2003-2005)                              81
Centre versus Centre: the Islamists' internal quarrels
and their spillover into Darfur                         81
Naivasha and the feel goodfactor"                          88
Khartoum wakes up to the danger                            91
"Counter-insurgency on the cheap"                          99
Improvising a "inalsolution"                              110
Foreign intervention and death by attrition               116
5. The World and the Darfur Crisis                           124
Media coverage:surfing on the horror charts               125
Embattled humanitarianism                                 130
"Shuffling papers while Africans die": the international
community and the Darfur crisis                        138
Was there a genocide in Darfur or not?                    148
6. Darfur Agonistes                                          159
Six months ofunfulfilled hopes after the CPA              159
The race between peace and growing anarchy                164
The growing ethnic anarchy                                165
The Chadian civil war and its increasing impact           169
Afalse solution: the Darfur Peace Agreement               176
Notes                                                        185
Bibliography                                                 219

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