Table of contents for --if your name was changed at Ellis Island / by Ellen Levine ; illustrated by Wayne Parmenter.

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What was Ells Island.                       8
Did all immigrants come through Ellis Island?  10
hy did people leave their homelands?       12
)meto A                      14
hy did people come to America?              14
Did every immigrant come voluntarily?        17
ould everyone in your famiy come together?  18
What did people bring with them?            19
w did people travel to the ships that brought
them to America?                          21
Were you examined before you left?          23
ow long would the ocean trip take?          24
Where would you sleep and eat on the ship?  25
What would you do all day?                  28
Was the ocean voyage dangerous?             29
Would you go straight to Ellis Island when you
arrivd in Nw York Harbor?                 31
Where would you go when you anded at Ellis
Island?                                  35
Who examined you at Ellisland?             37
What happened if the doctors found something
wrong with you?                          38
What kinds of mental tests were you given?  40
What did the ega inspectors do?             43
Did you have to have any money when you
arrived?                                 45
Did you have to have a ob waiting for you?  47
Did you have to be able to read English?    48
What happened if you were detained?         50
How long would you stay at Ellis Island?    52
What would you eat at Ellis Island?         53
Where would you sleep?                      55
Was there anything to do while you waited?  56
What was the Staircase of Separation?       58
Were there any special groups to help
What impressions did immigrants have of Elis
How did people learn Engish?64
Did immigrants ever return to "the old
What did Americans think about the new
What contributions have immigrants made?     7
Did some immigrants change their names whn
they came to Amerca?76
When did Ellis sland close?78

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