Table of contents for Object-oriented programming using C++ / Joyce Farrell.

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An Overview of Object-Oriented Programming and C++                                      1
T'e I,sk of Pio trimnung                                                          2
[F .    I  I t il   k  :Cd  , INL"
Pro _a m1  r.un tvern'fls 3m
Procedural Pro(ýraumm.ing4
Earlv Procedurln Proga.s                                                    5-
Moduhlritv and Abstncwtion
Finca psulation                                                             1
Oi)ect-Onrented I*Pro ii)iingl                                                   11I
Objects a'nd Clas ses                                                       I
nhleritanc                                                                  12
olyv orp: hisn                                                              13
;tmring Started in the C+-+ ProgramminUg Environiment                            13
C:reating a main ( ) Function                                               -
Working with Variables 1?id h.e onst. Q)ualifier                                 1
The int Data Ty-pe                                                          i
'The char Data Type                                                         9
The bool Data Type                                                          19
Floating-Point Data Ti) pe                                                 20
i)eclinrin iables                                                          20
71]he o011t 1Qualiielr                                                     23
Crerting (Coimlllen ts                                                          23
ANSI/ISO Standard C+ +                                                           24
Using Li braiesl, Preprocessor Dijrectivce and namespace                   24
Produin y C++ Output                                                             26
Providing Ct++ 1nput:
A First Look at Data Structures and (laisws                                      30
You Do It                                                                        33
C(r atin g a Programi Th: t Displays Vi iable Viuies                       33
Introducing Errors into a Progiam r3
ModiftYun  a Program to Acccpt InputV lues                                 3 5
Creating 1a Simple Structlure                                              36
Chapter Sunmi,iry                                                                38
Ki(v Terms
IvRw (V Q)uestions                                                               43
xcrcises                                                                         16
Cadsc Prol''ca I                                                                 49
Evaluating C++ Expressions                                                            51
Using  - + Binary Ari thietic O)pcirator                                        5
sing Mo(dulus                                                               57

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