Table of contents for Biometric technologies and verification systems / John R. Vacca.

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Part 1 rview  f iometric Technology and
riicio  Systems
CHAPTER I  WhatIs Biometrics?
CHAPTER  2:  sof Biometric Techno logy and
ercation Systei s                            19
CHAPTER  3: Bietric Technology and Verificati on
ts Standards5
tic Eye Analysis Technology Works
CHAPTER 4:Howris Pattern Recognition Works
CHAPTER 5: Hlowv Retina Pattern Recognition Works         85
Part 3: Ho;  Bioe ic Facal Recognition Technolagy  ak     93
CHAPTER  6: HwVdeo Face Recognton Works95
CHAPTER 7:   Hw a  Thermal maging in the nfrar
Spectrum Works                              105
Part 4: How Biometric Fingerscanning Analysis
"Technology Works                                 13
CHAPTER 8: How :Finger Image Capture Works                I S
CHAPTER 9: How Fingerscanning Verification and
Recogrition Works                           I 35
Part 5: How Biometric Geometry Analysis
CHAPTER 10: How Hand Geometry Image Technoaogy Works    149
CHAPTER 11: How Finger Geometry Technology Works        157
Part 6+: How Biometric Verification Technolgy W orks     167
CHAPTER 12: How Dynarmc Signature Verification
Technooagy Works                            169
CHAPTER  13 How Voice Recognition Technolagy Works       75
CHAPTER 14: How Keystroke Dynamics TechnologyWa orks     181
CHAPTER  15: HowPm Palm Print Pattern Recognitio
Technology Works                            87
CHAPTER  16 How Vein Pattern Analysis Recognitin
Technology Works                            195
CHAPTER 17: How Ear-Shape Analysis Technooagy Works    203
CHAPTER1 18: How Body Odor andlor Scent Analysis
Technology  orks                           2 5
CHAPTER 19: How DNA Measurement Technologyr 1Wos239
Part 7: How Privacy-Enhanced Biometric-Based
VerificationlAAthentication Works                 257
CHAPTER 20 How Fingerprint Verification/Authenticat.ion
Technoiogy Works                           259
CHAPTER 21    Vu nerable Points of a Biometric Verification
System                                     287
CAPTR 22: How Brute Force Attacks Work                  317
CHAPTR 23: How Data-Hidiag Technolg W:crksT+ :  ym      339
CHAPTER 24: msage-Based Challenges/Respone Methods     359
CHAPTER 25: How Caincelablp e piometr%ics Work        381
Biometri:c Technolgie a s                       +and Ver cation  3
CHAPTER 26: Specialized Biometric Enterprise
Deployment                                 39
CHAPTER 27: How to  mplemnt Biometric Technl      a
Verification ystems                       4 7
Part 9. Bioetric Solutions and Future Directions        459
CHAPTER 28: How Mapping-the-Body Technology  ors       461
CHAPTER 29: Seliang Bioetric Soutio                    SO I
CHAPTER 30: BRioatric Benet                             541

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