Table of contents for Future Jihad : terrorist strategies against America / Walid Phares.

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C hap e Oue
iTe listorical Roots olJihad                                 1 7
Chapter Two
Who Are the Jihadists?                                       47
Chapthr Thre
Ater the ( aiphate                                          g9
C,apfhr ;io
The Nan Alliac                                               77
Chapthr tinv
The CoLmmnist Dilemma                                         3
Chapthr Six
srael's Fat                                                  87
Cha per &e             - a
\What the Coltd ar Mejant for the Fuure                      99
Chaprf  EJght
The New Jihad                                                11
Jihahist Strategies ;alaist Alerica                           33
Chape Tn
The i evitabil it of' /11                                    1 3
BT lap  Etn; r.
Bri Laien s SIrateg aaiist Aerica                             11
Chaphi Tclva i
The Root Causes of America's Failure                               71
Chapter khirteue
Projecting Future had                                             179
Chapter lou teIn
The Clasi of Strategies America Versua Jliad                       95
Chapter Fifteen
America: Jihad's Second Generaton                                 211
Chapter Sixtttn
MutantJihad                                                       239
Chapter SevenIiteeti
Guide]ines and Prescriptive Policies                              247

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