Table of contents for The attack on America, September 11, 2001 / William Dudley, book editor.

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SEnem ies of Freedom   Com m itted  an  Act of W ar      10
Against America
George W Bush
SThe Attacks Were God's Punishment for America's          16
Actions Against Islam
Osm a bin Laden
. Osama bin Laden Wants to Drive the West from the         18
Is lami World
arms S. Robbins
The Attacks Were Part of Militant Islam's War            21
Against America
Da iel ipes
5The Terrorist Attacks Were Not the Result of US. Actions  24
Peter Beinart
U.S Policies in Islanmic ands Are a Root Cause of the   27
Terorist Attacks
Fisal Bodi
. Th Terrorists Were Waging a War the United States        30
Samuel Francis
"Blowback" from U.S Foreign Policy Is Partially to Blame  33
for the Attacks
Chaklnmers Johntson
9The inancial Backing of Terrorist Groups Must Be         39
Iim Hoagland
The United States Should Seek Alternatives to Military  42
The Terroist Attacks Should Be Treated as Acts of War   46
SaTy Dempsey
12. The Terrorist Attacks Should Be Treated as International    49
David Held
13. Bombing Afghanistan Is the Wrong Response to the            53
Terrorist Attacks
Matthew Rothschild
14. Bombing Afghanistan Was a Necessary Step in the War         56
Against Terrorism
Michael Kelly
15. The Attacks Revealed America's Lack of Preparedness         58
Against Terrorism
Franklin Foer
16. The Terrorist Attacks Clarified the Meanig of Good          62
and Evil
Willian J Benntt
17. Evil Is Too Simplistic an Explanation for the Terrorist     65
Joel Bleifuss
18. The World Must Respond to the Attack on New York (ity       67
Rudolph  . Giuliani
19. The Attacks Revealed the Importance of the Public Sector    74
Jeff Faux
20. The Attacks Marked the End of the Post-Cold War Era         78
Robert D. Kaplan

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