Table of contents for The future of terrorism / edited by Max. Taylor and John Horgan.

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Low Intensity and High Impact Conflict      David Veness  8
Europol's Role in Anti- lerrorism
Policing                                Emanuel Marotta    15
'The Future is Bright.o.' - But Whom For?'  Graham Head   19
Terrorism and Organized Crime - The Romanian
Perspective                         Mirea Gheordunescu    24
New World Disorder, New Terorisms: New
hreats for Europe and the Western World   Xavier Rauer    30
Terrorism as a Strategy of Struggle: Past and
Future                                      Ariel Merari  52
Politics, Diplomacy and Peace Proceses:
Pathways out of Terrorism?                Paul WVilkinn   66
Future Developments of Political Ierrorism in
Europe                       Max. Taylor and John Horgan  83
Terrorism and the Shape of Things to
Come                 Leonard rWeinerg and /ilinum Eubank  94
Terrorism and the Use of Weapons of Mass
Destruction From Where the Risk?          A/e P. Schmid  106
Exploding the Myths of Superterrorirn     David Claridge  133
Aum Shinrikyo's Efforts to Produce Biological
Weapons: A Case Study in the Serial Propagation
of Misinformation                      Milton Leitenberg  149
Terrorism in the Name of Animal Rights  Rachel Monaghan  159
Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in a
Multi-Centric World: Challenges and
Opportunities                       Ronald D Creinsten    70
A Legal Inter-Network For Terrorism: Issues
of Globalization, Fragmentation and
Legitimacy                              Michael Datnel   197
Terrorists as Transnational Actois     Louise Richardson  209

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