Table of contents for Discipline and governmentality at work : making the subject and subjectivity in modern teritiary labour / Donald J. Winiecki.

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Table of figures
Studying the subject in technology-mediated NO   4Iqg4Lw .
i Introduction                                         I
2 Tools and Raw Material of Analysis                    I
3 Foucaultian Concepts                                 4
a  Discourse                                         6
b Hierarchical Observation, Normalising Judgement,
Examination                                      7
c Power/Knowledge                                  10
i Disciplinary Power                             I
ii Governmentality                               iz
iii The Repressive Hypothesis                   14
d  Resistance                                      16
e Seeing What Other Theories Obscure               17
4  Chapter Overview                                   19
Structuring the Call Centre and its Subjects             21
I Introduction                                       z2
2 Setting the Scene                                  2z
3 Making Subjects Visible, Inscribable, Deconstructable
and Reconstructable                                29
a  Enclosing and Partitioning                       30
i Geographic and Architectural                  30
ii Technology-Mediated Surveillance and Abstracted
Inscriptions                                  33
b  Tools, Scripting, Training and Coaching          38
i  Software, Paper Tools and Rules               39
ii Training and Coaching                         48
c  Rendering the Productive Subject                 53
i Deconstructing the Inscribed Subject           54
ii (Re)constructing Subjectivity                 55
d  Rendering the Quality Subject                    58
i Data Entry and Data Processing                 58
ii Following Scripts o& Being an Agent of the Company 60
e Power, Knowledge and the Creation of Subjects     62
4  Chapter Summary                                     65
The managed subject                                       67
i Setting the Scene                                    67
2 Selecting, Affecting & Activating the Free Subject   71
a Hiring Agents: Strategically Selecting and Enclosing
Subjects                                         73
b  Teams: Partitioning Workers into Manageable Groups  8r
c  Teams, Team Members and Statistics: Conducting the
Conduct of Agents by Putting Them Face to Face with
the 'Statistical Self'                           88
d  Responsibilisation and Career Development:
Conducting the Conduct of Agents by Making them
Responsible                                      96
e  The Service-Worker's Guild: Learning Tactics to
Reinforce & Protect the Organisation and Self   100
f  Confessions, 'Discovery' of a Deep Self and
Formation of a New Subject                      103
3  Chapter Summary                                    105
Secondary Adjustments and Resistance                    109
i Introduction                                       o09
2 Setting the Scene                                  110
3  Secondary Adjustments & Resistance                113
a Affecting the Production of Quality Data        114
b Affecting How One is Heard                       o0
c Affecting Productivity Data                     124
d Making Space for Oneself Within Disciplinary and
Governmental Power                             I28
e Multitasking: Using Resources of the Organisation to
Support Personal Practices                     131
f  Asserting Oneself in the Face of Management,
Customers and Each Other                       133
g  Exit                                            140
4  Chapter Summary                                   143
Building structure with technologies from within the self
and from outside the self                               147
i Setting the Scene                                  147
2 Building Structure with Manufactured Structures    148
3 Responsible Subjects and Subjectivity in TMTL      I6
4  Chapter Summary                                   158
Programmes, Technologies and Strategies                 161
i Programmes, Technologies, Strategies: Manufacturing
Objectivity, Knowledge, Power and 'Truth'         164
a  How are Subjects Created and Maintained?       166
b Shadowboxing with Data                          173
c Summation                                       178
2 Connecting 'Out' to TMTL                           183
TMTL As or Within Control Society and Empire?        189
Descriptions of Research Venues                      193
I BigTech                                         193
2 DeliveryWorldwide                               194
3 MHealth                                         195
4 MedAdvise                                       195
Reldwork and Methods                                 197
I The Field & Research Methods                    197
a Selection of Fieldwork Sites                 197
b Cultivating & Maintaining Connections        197
2 Fieldwork                                       198
a Selecting Informants                         198
b Data Collection                              198
3 Data Analysis & Writing                         199
References                                          201

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