Table of contents for Not like us : immigrants and minorities in America, 1890-1924 / Roger Daniels.

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Prologe:( Chtnesr Exclusion, 188Ia      3
CSheines pmiration ttt ths finited Starts. Soc ia opposition andit
political cooscqocnces.
S Tho United Srates in the Gorey Nincutis     a0
Economnit forces ±for change. Disroption of the political equtlibrinim.
Attacks on Inttan coftore. uisf ant siserrt of S acks and thi rise
ct Jim Prse, Segre   ion affirmed bt thc Sopreme  norte, Narinist
toil atti-timmigranti grcoupt respornd to fears or unchecked
a The ILitm  s of Progrsiisisr       47
Piortessive itiffertncc to Itndit concers. Black urban rtigrariitn
intd erice eiots. Imioigrartoit reaches its peik anti petimpts
cotigressiotta ins esigatr on ant Sh geoweth of the ticmnigeatiton
secoice. oxptrieces off ermanos, Irish; Iraliant, and Jens- Aort
Japancse agi Orion,
3 WodI War I and the Ambhiguittes of Nationalism           77
nn17i igratino law Wattime expertetie s of Indians and blacks.
"Americanization' of inmigeant co uroes- Immigrant artitodes
tonard thc war.
a Postwar Passions       i01
Race ritos in Chicagit and Toisa  he crusade againor suveirsvese
cadicals, and frireigcers
5 The Triumph of Nativism          ta2
Nfodrsr Indian reforms. Rise riP this second. Ku Klmo El. n.
Imnotiptdon orform' rnd thes oa2 lav.
Epilogue: Toward Equality      14
The Ness Deal's isew attitude toward Jaiars. Blacks turn
Reoosevclt. World Wtar Il's horse-root beoefits. New audiol
toward I-sdiaus, blats, andI inimigransi.

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