Table of contents for Immigration in America's future : social science findings and the policy debate / David M. Heer.

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2 The Vourne and Character of Future Immigraion:
TheValues at Stake                                     7
Standard of Living, 8
Equity, 10
Preservation or Modification of Existing American Culture, 11
Ethnic and Class Conflict, 13
The Power of the United States in International Affairs, 14
Notes, 15
3 The    luence of Socil Science Findings               17
The Relationship Between Social Science Findings
and Value Judgments, 17
The Validation of Social Science Findings, 20
Drawing Policy Conclusions, 24
Notes, 25
4 The History of U.S. Immigration Law                    7
Unrestricted Entry: 1789 to 1874, 27
Initial Restriction: 1875 to 1917, 37
Maximum Restriction: April 1917 to December 1941, 42
Liberalization: December 1941 to April 1980, 50
Concern with Illegal Immigration: April 1980 to the Present, 58
Conclusion, 70
Notes, 71
5  Patterns of Immigration to and from the United States  77
The Inflow of Legal Immigrants, 80
Undocumented Immigrants, 88
The Foreign-Born Population of the United States in 1990,101
Sojourners and Settlers: Emigration from the United States, 109
The Net Contribution of Immigration of the
Foreign-Born to Population Change, 116
The Conex ofReceptin esg Rigs Dependen Oon
Immigration Status, 120
Becoming a U.S. Citizen, 124
Residential Segregation of the Foreigm Born Within
Metropolitan Areas, 129
Notes, 133
6  Determinants of Immigration                          137
UN Forecasts of Future World Population, 137
A Conceptual Scheme for Determining Individual
Propensities to Migrate, 145
Structural Determinants of Propensities to Immigrate, 150
Summary and Conclusions, 158
Notes 159
7  Enforcement of Immigration Law                      161
The Activities of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, 161
The Activities of the INS, 164
Immigration-Law Enforcement: Effectiveness
and Side Effects, 171
How Prior HIlegal Immnigration Facilitates Legal Immigration, 177
How Extending Rights to Undocumented Residents May
Encourage Illegal Immigration, 179
Notes, 179
8  The Impact of Immigration                            183
Standard of Living, 183
Equity 194
Preservation or Modification of Existing American Culiure, 196
Ethnic and Class Conflict, 201
The Power of the United States in International Affairs, 202
Notes, 206
9  Proposals for Change in U'S Immigration Law         209
Current Public Opinion Concerning Immigration, 209
Suggestions for Revisions to Immigration Policy, 210
Reaching Your Own Policy Conclusions, 222
Notes 222.

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