Table of contents for The power of pills : social, ethical and legal issues in drug development, marketing, and pricing / edited by Jillian Clare Cohen, Patricia Illingworth, and Udo Schu╠łklenk.

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Part I: Pharmaceutica industry, profts and obligations
1 The pharmaceutical industry and the pursuit of profit                 11
Joel Lexchin
2 Social, ethical, and legal issues in drrug development, marketing,
and pricng policies: setting priorities: pharmaceuticals as private
organizations and the duty to make money/mnaximize profits           25
Kristina Mi. Lybecker
3. The pharmaceutical industry and its obligations in the dereloping world  32
Ann Vills, Patricia Werhane, and Mithael Gorman
4  Drug tcompanies as organizational hybrids                            41
Varren Kaplan
5. Physicians and the pharmaceutical industry: a symbiotic relationship?  57
lan E Marsihall
. Industry perspectives on equity, access, and corporate social
responsibility: a view from the inside                               65
Robert.A. Freeman
Part i: Justice  medicines as glba public goods
. Pharnmaeuticals, public health, and the law a public health perspectie  77
Wren   . E Pannet
8   knccss to medications and global justice                            88
David B. Resnik
9. Pharmacogenetics and global (in)jusltice                             98
Sirrn Holm
Part I: The social ethica, and politica challenge negected diseases
SThe enduring risis in neglected diseaes                             109
Nithaa Ford
11. Moving eyond charity for R&D for negeted diseases                11
fanes Qibinski and Barry Ru ialh
SNeglectcd disease research: health Ineds and new mod els for R&     125
dn H'ollis
13. Advanced purchase commitments: moral and practical problems      134
Dlnald l4 Light
av ilability                                                     153
Michael I SelAh lid and Elinre I. Seper
16 Fair followers: expandng access to generic ph riaceutcals for
iow- and middle innscmet populations                             164
te in O att son
17. Abolishing the prodct atent: a tep forward fo globa accessw to d
Aiam I annan and A/lan Stry
8. Trading health for prol: the imepat of bilatea i ani regional fiee tIradt
igree ments n dciiestic intelleitial ptopeti) ruies on pharmaccut icts  90
Aisa Tor ian
Part V: Research ethics
9   tiumian genormic researclih ethics chaginrg the rules            203
Stcen HI Miles
20 Asturption in the "stanIard  f c tare" deb ate                    215
Alo  ia t.ln,
Part VI: PoBitica activism and treatment access
2 I   e dicixes lor Ill? Cotit ment iand or proirn se in th fight fora
Can adas Law on compulsory liecnsig ifr expo rt                  27
Rialrd Biliiot
22.  acing access to essental edicines on the human rights agenda      239
Brook K. Baker
Part VII: Nationa responsibities
23 Prodcinc g aifordabie medicines in South \rica                     251
Jodo . CCarapinha
4National reponsibility in the provision of basic medicines           260
kieasla 1il us , Laura Esnail, and Jillian Clare Cohen
25. Pharmacutical cost-effectiveness pricing: developing and protecting
a global ideal form                                                2,2
Thiomas A. Faunce

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