Table of contents for Create your digital portfolio : the fast track to career success / Susan Amirian, Eleanor Flanigan.

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CHAPTER 1 Who Needs a Portfolio?                    1
What Is a Portfolio?                             1
Why Do I Need a Portfolio?                       3
Why Create a Digital Portfolio?                  4
Demonstrate Your Skills in Different Ways      5
Target Your Skills to a Specific Audience      6
Why Should I Use Acrobat to Create a
Digital Portfolio?                              7
Why This Book Uses Acrobat Professional          8
CHAPTER 2 Collect and Organize Items for
Your Portfolio                                    11
What Do People Put in a Portfolio?              11
What Should I Include in My Portfolio?          15
Types of Information to Include in Your Portfolio  16
Collecting Items and Organizing Them            20
Save and Store Your Original Items            20
Set Up Your Folder Structure                  22
Create a List of Artifacts                    23
CHAPTER 3 Create Your Resume and Storyboard        29
Construct Your Resume                           29
Break Your Resume into Chunks                 36
Storyboard the Screens of Your Portfolio        38
CHAPTER 4 Build Your Portfolio Templates           43
Construct the Portfolio Template                43
Select Your Portfolio Design                  47
Choosing a Design Template for Your
PowerPoint File                              48
Choosing a Navigation Style                   50
Applying a Design Template for Your
PowerPoint File                              53
Putting Master Slides to Use                    55
Creating a Blank Master Slide                 55
Adding Navigation to Each Slide               57
Adding Links to Examples of Your Work           64
Chapter 5 Size and Optimize Your Artifacts         67
Attaching Samples of Your Work to Your Portfolio  67
Exploring the Common Electronic Formats         68
Getting Your Samples into a Common
Electronic Format                              69
Using Acrobat to Create PDFs                    74
From Paper to PDF                             75
From Word Document to PDF                     77
From PowerPoint to PDF                        78
From Web Page to PDF                          80
Sizing Your Artifacts                           81
CHAPTER 6 Prepare Special Pages and Create the
Portfolio PDF                                    85
Preparing Portfolio Pages to Display Samples of
Your Work                                      85
Listing Files to Include in Your Presentation  86
Inserting JPEGs into Your Presentation        87
Preparing Slides So That You Can Add Video Files  89
Preparing Slides So That You Can Embed
Audio Files                                 90
Creating the Portfolio PDF File                 91
CHAPTER 7 Add Multimedia Files                    95
Attaching Files Versus Embedding Them           95
Managing and Attaching Multimedia Files to the
PDF Portfolio                                  96
Adding a Video File                           96
Adding a Sound File                          103
CHAPTER 8 Assemble the PDF Pages into the Portfolio  109
Adding Navigation to Your Portfolio            109
Creating a Link Between All PDF Pages Within
the Portfolio                              110
Adding PDF Samples to the Portfolio          113
Linking to a PDF Document Within the
PDF Portfolio                               115
Creating a Button on a PDF Page              118
Linking to a PDF Page Within the Portfolio   120
Creating a Back Link for the Graphic Navigation
on the PDF Page                            122
Creating a Link to Launch Another PDF
Document in a New Window                   123
Creating a Button to Launch a Word Document  124
Linking the Table of Contents                127
Correcting Linking Errors                      127
CHAPTER 9 Optimize the PDF Portfolio              131
Optimizing the PDF                             131
Adding Metadata                              132
Reducing the File Size                       133
Setting the PDF Document Preferences         134
Testing Your PDF Portfolio                     135
CHAPTER 10 Manage the Portfolio Files             139
Putting Your Directory Structure to Work for You  139
Duplicating the Files Required for Distribution  140
Backing Up and Storing the Portfolio Files   141
Maintaining File Naming and Logs             142
Dealing with File Corruption, Viruses, and Other
Data Disasters                              142
Making a List of Your Computer's Contents    143
Keeping a Notebook                             143
CHAPTER 11 Distribute the Portfolio               145
Determining the Size of Your Portfolio         145
Selecting a Distribution Medium                146
Creating the CD                                147
Designing Jewel Case Inserts and Labels        149
CHAPTER 12 Print the Portfolio to Paper           153
Choosing Your Paper                            153
Changing the Page Setup                      154
Setting the Print Parameters                 155
Organizing Your Pages and Creating a Contents List  156
Presenting the Paper Portfolio Document        157
One Last Thing!                                157
CHAPTER 13 Send the Portfolio for Review          161
Options for Receiving Feedback                 161
The Portfolio Review Process                   162
How to Use Acrobat's Commenting Features       162
Viewing Comments                             163
Adding Comments                              163
The Evaluation Worksheet                        167
CHAPTER 14 Special Purpose Portfolios             173
Creating Mini-Portfolios                       173
The E-mail Portfolio                         174
The Course Portfolio                         176
The Kiosk Portfolio                          182
Exploring Special Backgrounds and Design Templates  182

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