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Foreword                                                     9
Introduction                                                12
Chapter 1: Incidents of Family Violence
1. My Mother's Death Should Be a Warning                    18
to Others
Teresa Lynn Curlin
A daughter witnesses domestic abuse in her family, cul-
minating in the murder of her mother, and the suicide of
her father. She pleads with others in domestic violence
situations to escape before it is too late.
2. I Was Molested by My Cousin                              23
Erin Merryn, as told to Jessica Blatt
A twenty-year-old tells how her cousin began molesting
her when she was younger. Too scared and ashamed to
tell her parents, she reveals her secret when she realizes
her sister is also being abused.
3. The Damage of Verbal Abuse                               27
Annie Kaszina
Speaking from her experience in a verbally abusive mar-
riage, a psychologist shares how verbal abuse in relation-
ships can be emotionally damaging and yet difficult to
4. Suffering through a Violent and                          33
Controlling Relationship
After suffering abuse from his controlling partner-who
claims that violence is part of his cultural heritage, a gay
man recognizes his need to break off their destructive re-
5. Can My Abusive Wife Really Change?                       37
A man recounts how his wife's verbal abuse and control-
ling behavior brought their marriage to the brink of fail-
ure. Although his wife agrees to counseling, the man
fears she will revert to her negative behaviors.
Chapter 2: Family Violence Affects
Others Outside of the Family
1. A Doctor Confronts Spousal Abuse in                  41
an Elderly Couple
Clif Cleaveland
A physician recognizes signs that a patient is beating his
wife. He offers to help but is rejected and told that the
matter is a family affair.
2. A Victim of Domestic Violence Faces                  47
Workplace Discrimination
by Shonnetta Collins
When a woman informs the bank where she works that
her abusive ex-husband will soon be released from jail
and may come calling, the bank management seems un-
sympathetic to her situation.
3. A Classmate Fights to Free a Friend                  51
Imprisoned for Domestic Murder
Jennifer Gonnerman
A man attends a high school reunion to find out a popu-
lar classmate is serving a fifteen-year prison sentence for
murdering her abusive husband. After hearing her story,
he starts a campaign to free her and other abused vic-
tims from long prison sentences.
Chapter 3: Ending the Violence
1. A Police Detective Seeks Answers to Why              63
He Beat His Wife
Duane Minard, as told to Tara McKelvey
A police detective shares how his violent behavior com-
pelled his wife to turn him in to authorities. After at-
tending an intervention program, the man works on his
anger and forms an organization to help others in need.
2. Taking a Stand against Abuse with the                69
Help of My Boss
Lorel Stevens
After an embarrassing altercation with her husband in
the parking lot of her workplace, a woman in an abusive
marriage discovers that her boss-who witnessed the
abuse-is willing to get her the help she needs.
3. Breaking Free from My Abusive Children                72
Ana Sandor
A therapist recounts the escalating physical and verbal
abuse she received from her children.
4. A Mother Renounces a Pattern of Violence              77
Meri Nana-ama Danquah
A woman tells how violence was the norm in her life
both as a daughter growing up in Ghana and as a part-
ner in an abusive relationship in the United States. She
finally understands how violence has negatively impacted
her life and vows to not pass the trauma on to her infant
Organizations to Contact                                 85
For Further Research                                     89

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