Table of contents for Buyers & sellers : retail circuits and practices in mediaeval and early modern Europe / Bruno BlondeĢ ... [et al.] (eds.).

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c-iPTER I Frulno B oide, Peter StabeI, Jon Srobart and lija Van Damme
Rltail circuits and practices in medieval and early modern Europe: an introduction  7
CiAPTER 2 Evelyn Welch
The fairs of eary modern Italy                                      31
CHATER 3 Donatela Calabi
Renewal of the shop systeme Italy in the earls modern period         51
CII EP TE R 4 I  briio Nevo a
Piu honorai , t suntuosi ala Republica"
bottege and luxury retail along Siena's Strada Roman a               65
(HA PTER 5 I Pete Stabhel
From the market o the shop. Retail and urban space in late medieval Bruges  '
I1APTER 6 I Richard Britnell
Markets, shops, inns, taverns and pivate houses in medieval English trade  109
I-I APTER    I Derek Keene
Sites of desire shops, seids and wardrobes in London and            125
other English cities, o1100-150
CH APTER 8 Vanessa Harding
Shops, markets and retailers in London's Cheapside c. 1iao -00      155
C H APT IR 9 I Harald Deceulaer
Dealing with diversity: pedlars in the Southern Nethetlands
in the eihteenth century                                            171
HAPTER 10 I I lija Van DIamn
Canging consumller preferences and eolutions in retaiing.           199
Buying and sI ling consumer durables in Antwerp (c. 1648-c. 1748)
CH APTER 11 Jon Stobart
Clothes, cabinets and carriages:
second-hand dealing in eighteenth-century England                  225
CH APTER 2I     bevrhly Lemire
Plebeian coimmercial circuits and everyda material
exchange in England, c. 1600-1900                                   245
CHAPTER 13 i David Gentilcore
Martino Grimaldi and the merchant-charlatans of
early modern Italy                                                  267
CHAPTER 14 I James Sha)w
Liquidation or certification? Snall claims disputes and retail
credit in seventeenth-century Venice                               277
CHAPTER 15 Laura Van Aert
Trade and gender emancipation:
retailing women in sixteenth-century Antwerp 2.9
CHAPTER 16 Er win Steegen
Eighteenth-century Maastricht shopkeepers and
their hinterland customers                                          31 5
CHAPTER 17 I Claire Walsh
The social relarions of shopping in early-modern England            331

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