Table of contents for Initiating a peace process in Papua : actors, issues, process, and the role of the international community / Timo Kivima╠łki.

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Executive Su   r                                      vii
Introduction                                           1
The Context of Conflict in Papua                       3
Two Constructions of the Conflict                      4
Deviations                                     7
Perceptions                                    9
Violent Eplsodes                                      12
Violence by the Resistance Movement             13
Pro-indonesian Violence                         17
AcorĚs                                                23
Pro-Indonesian Agency                           24
Agency of the Resistance Movement               27
OtherConstituencies                             37
Pr-Negotiation between Actors of Dialoge        38
Grievances                                              40
ndividual Motivations                            40
Collective Motivations                           42
Historical Grievances                      43
General Political Grievances               47
Specific Political Grievances              48
Security Grie ces                          49
Economic Grievances                        50
Previous Dialogue Processes                       52
Potentialfor New Dialogue: Pro-Indonesia Side    53
Potential for New Dialogue: Resistance Movement   56
Potential Roles of the International Communiy     58
Lessons from the Aceh Peace Process                     61
Conclusion                                              67
Actors in the Dialogue                            67
Issues of Dialogue                               68
Internationl Communrnity                          69
Erdnotes                     o71
Bibliography                                            79
Policy Studies: List of Reviewers 2005-06               85
Policy Studies: Previous Publications                   87

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