Table of contents for Trauma and the body : a sensorimotor approach to psychotherapy / Pat Ogden, Kekuni Minton, and Clare Pain ; series editor's foreword by Daniel J. Siegel ; foreword by Bessel van der Kolk.

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Part I: Theory
Chapter 1 lierarchical Informatron Processing:
Cognitive Enmotional, and Sensorimotor Dimensions 3
Chapter 2  Window of Tolerance: The Capacity for
Modu at g Arousal 26
Chapter 3  Attachment: The Roel of the Body in Dyadic Regulation  41
Chapter 4  The Orienting Response Narrowing the ield
of Consciousness  65
Chapter 5  Defensive Subsystems: Mobiizing and Immobilizing
Responses 85
Chapter 6  Adaptation: The Role of Action Systems
and Tendencies  108
Chapter 7  Psychological Trauma and the Brain; Toward a
Neurobiological Treatment Model (by Ruth Lanius,
Ulrich Lanius Janina Fisher, and Pat Ogdern) 139
Part II: Treatment
Chapter 8  Principles of Trieatment Putting Theory into Practice  165
Chapter 9  The Organization of Experience: bkills for Working
with the Body in Present Time  188
hapter 1  P hase 1 Ireatrrnt: Developing Somatic Resour es
fa Stailia tion  206
Chapter 11 Phase 2 Tre   ent Processing Traumatic lemory
andi Rers aring Acts of Tiiumaph  2?4
hapter 12 Phase I reatment: Ini egration and Success
in   r    LifL-  268

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