Table of contents for The Iraq War and its consequences : thoughts of Nobel Peace laureates and eminent scholars / editors, Irwin Abrams, Wang Gungwu.

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Introduction by Irwin Abramsrn                          ix
Part I
Contributions from Nobel Peace Prize Winners
Tenzin Gyatso
The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, 1989
War is Anachronistic, An Outmoded Approach            5
muportance of Nonviolence and Harmony                 7
David Trimble
MP, Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, UK, 1998
The United Nations Left Us No Option But to Act      11
Jody Williams
International Ambassador of International Carmpaign to
Ban Landmines, USA, 1997
Iraq and Preemptive Self-Defense                     17
Jose Ramnos-Horta
Foreign Minister of Timor-Leste, 1996
The Post Cold War and the Unipolar World:
Can the U.S. Lead?                                   49
Bernard Lown
Co-founder, International Physicians for the Prevention of
Nuclear War, 1985
Seismic Ch'ange in Nuclear Policy                      65
Sir Joseph Rotblat
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, UK, 1995
The Nuclear Issue: Pugwash and the Policies of the
Bush Administration                                    69
Frederik Willem de Klerk
Former President of South Africa, 1993
American Leadership in a Globalised World:
9/11, Iraq and Beyond                                  81
Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Co-founder, C6ommunity of Peace People, UK, 1976
Iraq After First (1l991) Gulf War                      91
Peter Hansen
Commrissioner -General, United Nations Relief and Works
Agency, UN, 1945
Picking up the Pieces in Gaza                         107
Irene Khan
Secretary General, Amnesty International, 1977
Open Letter to Beligerents                            111
Mary Ellen McNish
Executive Secretary, American Friends Service Committee,
USA, 1947
A Second Moment of Hope                                113
Brian Phillips
Quaker Peace and Social Witness, UK, 1947
At a Time of Our (Own Choosing:
A Quaker Reflection on the War in Iraq                 119
Cora Weiss
Permanent International Peace Bureau, 1910
The International Peace Bureau Seeks a World
Without War                                           127
Christian Dominiice
Secretary-General, Institute of International Law,
Switzerland, 1904
Some Legal Aspects of the Military Operation in Iraq  137
Part H
Contributions from Eminent Scholars
Noarn Chorniski
Prominent Political Critic, MIT
Wars of T rr or                                       147
Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel laureate in Economics 2001, Columbia University
Rumors of VWar                                         171
William D. Hartung
Senior Research Fellow, World Policy Institute &
Director of Arms Trade Resource Center
The Hidden Costs of War: How the Bush Doctrine is
Undermining Democracy in Iraq And Democracy in
Amersca                                                175
Richard Falk
Authority on Internationall Law, Princeton University
What Future for the UN Charter System of War
Prevention? Reflections on the Iraq War                 195
Sir John Daniel
UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education
Iraq: Educational Renewalfor an Arab Renaissance?      215
John WV. Dower
Pulitzer Prize Winner & Elting E Morison Professor of
History, MTr
Warningfrom History: Why Iraq is Not japan             235
Eric Stover
Director of Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley
Kirkuk: An Eyewitness Account                          245
Lifting the Fog of War                                 249
Rosemary Foot
Professor of Intrerniational Relations, Modern History, Oxford
Is the Human Rights Era Over? Reflections on the
Asia-Pacific PostSeptember 11th                        257
Helenai Cobban
Coluimnist fior Christian Science Monitor
Dealing with Rights-Abusing Regimes Without
Going to War                                           279
Frank N. von Hippel
Professor of Public and InternationalAffairs,
Princeton University
Alternatives to War on 1raq, North Korea and Iran      287
Benjamin R. Foster
Professor of Assyriology and Curator, Yale University
Missing in Action: The Iraq Museum and the Human Past   295
Lord Colin Renfrew of Kaimsthorn
Director of McDonald Institute for Archaeological
Research, Cambridge
Reflections on theLooting of the Iraqi National Museum
in. Badad                                               319
Faleh A. Jabar
Iraqi Specialist and Research Fellow, Birkbeck College,
London University
End ofa Dictat or                                       337
Mahmood Mamdani
Director of Institute of African Studies, Columbia University
Iraq: Collective Punishment in War and Peace            343
Lisa L. Martin
Professor of Government, Harvard University
Multilateral Organizations After the U.S. -Iraq War     359
Robin T. Lakoff
Professor of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
War Talk                                                375
Roland Paris
"Asst Professor of Political Science and International Affairs,
University of Colorado at Boulder
Multilateralism and American Power                      399
The Burden of Nation-Building in Postwar Iraq           403
"Svetlana Broz
Cardiologist from Sarajevo
Moral Courage and Civil Society: Lessons from Yugoslavia  409
Akira Iriye
Charles Warren Professor of American History,
Harvard University
The Iraq War and the Dialogue Among Civilizations     425
Part III
Sermons in Closing
Bishop Gunnar StAlsett
Bishop of Oslo and Former Deputy Chairman of the
Norwegian Nobel Committee
A Sermon of Sorrow                                    433
A Memorial Service on the UN Tragedy                  439

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