Table of contents for A pocket guide to epidemiology / David G. Kleinbaum, Kevin Sullivan, Nancy Barker.

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Chapter 1     A Pocket-Size Introduction.                I
Chapter 2     The Big Picture - With Examples            3
Chapter 3     How to Set Things Up? Study Designs       21
Clhapter 4    How Often does it Happen? Disease Frequency 43
Chapter5      What's the Answer? Measures of Effect.    71
Chapter 6     What is the Public Health Impact?  .      91
Chapter 7      Is There Something Wrong? Validity & Bias  109
Chapter 8     Were Subjects Chosen Badly? Selection Bias  127
Chapter 9    Are the Data Correct? Information Bias   139
Chapter 10   Other actors Accounted For? Confounding
Interaction                              161
Chapter 11    Confoundling can be Counfounding  Several
Risk Factors                             179
Chapter 12    Simple Analyses 2x2 Tables are Not That
Simple .             .         .         191
Chaptr 13      Control What it's All About .     .      227
Chapter 14    How to Deal with Lots of Tables - Stratified
Analysis                                 245
Chapter 15    Matching - Seems Easy but not That Easy.  257

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