Table of contents for An introduction to law / Phil Harris.

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Preface                                                       xi
Table of statutes                                            xiii
Table of cases                                               xix
1    Law and society                                                1
Analysing law                                                  2
Authority and obedience to law                                 6
Law and society                                                8
Industrialisation and the role of law                         15
Law and society: consensus or conflict?                       21
2    Law and morality                                              26
The social definition of law and morality                     36
Morality and the law                                          45
'Crimes without victims'                                      46
Censorship                                                    52
The legislation of morality                                   60
3    Law and the regulation of economic activity                   68
The form of the business enterprise                           72
The changing functions of state and law                       80
Summary                                                       89
4    Some important legal concepts                                 90
Rights and duties: problems of analysing legal concepts       90
Human rights and the Human Rights Act 1998                    91
Legal rights, legal duties and legal remedies                 93
Legal personality                                            102
Summary                                                      109
5     Law and property                                                110
The function of private property in capitalist society          111
The law of property                                             115
Intellectual property and data protection                       118
Land and the law                                                126
Land and its use: private or public control?                    129
Housing                                                         137
Conclusion                                                      149
6     Law and the settlement of disputes                              150
The prevention and settlement of disputes in modern society     151
Business disputes: avoidance and arbitration                    162
The growth of tribunals                                         166
Some recent developments                                        172
The English courts: the constitutional position                 177
The English court structure                                     180
The courts and society                                          185
7    The making of legal rules                                        190
Parliamentary legislation: politics, pressure and public policy  190
Precedent and policy I: the common law                          199
Equity and the common law                                       209
Precedent and policy II: statutory interpretation               210
8     The European dimension of English law                           215
Principal institutions of the European Community                218
European Community law and the principle of direct effect       225
European Community law: an overview                             232
9     Liability in English law: the law of tort                    ' 241
Tort and capitalism                                             241
Liability in tort                                               249
Liability in negligence in cases involving the police and emergency
services                                                      263
Negligent acts or omissions causing economic loss               267
Negligent statements causing economic loss                      272
Negligent acts or omissions causing psychiatric illness         282
Summary                                                         291
Liability for defective products                                292
Vicarious liability and the role of insurance                   295
Remedies in the law of tort                                     302
10   Liability in English law: crime and the criminal justice
system                                                      306
Liability in criminal law                                   307
'Intentions'                                                312
'Recklessness'                                              315
Strict liability                                            318
Defences                                                    322
The criminal justice system                                 326
Criminology and the criminal justice system                 342
11   The development and the role of the contract                349
Contract and the consumer: the exclusion clause problem     365
Legislative intervention: the solution to the consumer problem?  369
Consumer protection legislation: some examples              371
Is the consumer now adequately protected through legislation?  381
Contract and business: the positive role of the contract    383
12   Law and government                                          386
Remedies in administrative law                              390
The role of law in the administrative process               398
The grounds for judicial intervention in administrative activity  403
Conclusion                                                  418
13   The legal profession                                        420
The divided profession and its work                         425
The social composition of the legal profession              432
The cost of legal services                                  436
Conclusion                                                  445
14   The judges                                                  445
The social background of the judiciary                      448
The appointment and training of judges                      449
Judges, politics and the process of decision-making         452
Conclusion                                                  471

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