Table of contents for The art of SQL / Stéphane Faroult with Peter Robson.

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Preface                                 ix
1 Laying Plans                             1
Designing Databases for Performance
2 Waging War                              27
Accessing Databases Efficiently
3 Tactical Dispositions                   55
4 Maneuvering                             75
Thinking SQL Statements
5 Terrain                                105
Understanding Physical Implementation
6 The Nine Situations                    127
Recognizing Classic SQL Patterns
7 Variations in Tactics                  167
Dealing with Hierarchical Data
8 Weaknesses and Strengths               199
Recognizing and Handling Difficult Cases
9 Multiple Fronts                        225
Tackling Concurrency
10 Assembly of Forces                     2q7
Coping with Large Volumes of Data
11 Stratagems                             279
Trying to Salvage Response Times
12 Employment of Sples                    307
Monitoring Performance

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