Table of contents for The cycle of deviant behavior : investigating intergenerational parallelism / Howard B. Kaplan, Glen C. Tolle, Jr.

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Part I  Theoretical and   ethodological Issues in the Study
of intergenerational Parallelism of Deviance
1. Toward an Understanding f Intergenerational
Parallelism of Deviance                          5
2. Method                                          41

Part II  he Conditional Nature of Intergenerational
Parallelism                                        57
3. Observing Intergenerational Parallelism in Deviance  59
4. Moderators of Intergenerational Parallelism     73

Part III  ecomposing Intergenerational Parallelism        125
5. Intervening Processes                          127
6 Intergenerational Continuity of Intragenerational
Causes of Deviant Behavior and Its Correlates  157

Part IV   Retrospect and Prospect                           193

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